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Suzanne & Mark’s comments

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

SUZANNE & MARK ha inserito questo messaggio sul guestbook:

THANK YOU doesn’t see enough words for the people who gave us the best day of our lives and some! From the very beginning we were confident and happy with the service provided. The whole process was so stress free thanks to the LGW ladies! Everything exceeded our expectations, nothing was too much trouble. Our guests loved the beautiful venue and amazing food, but they were blown away by the hospitality of these ladies and the lengths they went to, to ensure our day was perfect. On a personal note we haven’t laughed so much as we did on our photo shoot with Gwen she made us so relaxed and everything seemed so effortless. All whilst Jac took care of our guests and helped everything flow so beautifully smooth. We are so envious of those who have this to come and cannot wait to pop in and say hi to the LGW next year as we will be sure to go back, if only to introduce our new addition smile emoticon forever gra teful for the stunning and most memorable time Suzanne and Mark xxxx

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Lauren & Glenn’s comments

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

LAUREN & GLENN ha inserito questo messaggio sul guestbook:

Each review starts the same but I honestly can’t think of anything else to start with other than .. Where to begin?! We requested our wedding date at the end of August 2013 and since that date, the LGW team have been phenomenal. I didn’t think that any wedding could run without hitting a snag but ours genuinely did. Annabel Bonnici, you were absolutely amazing and we can’t thank you enough for everything you did. We genuinely felt like you were one of the guests by the end of the evening and everyone is still talking about you now and telling us how amazing you are (not that we need reminding!) Gwen Courtman, you captured our day perfectly and put us both at ease instantly. All of our guests have commented that it’s the best wedding they have ever been too and the only thing we wish is that we could do it again tomorrow! I’ll write a full review for the website / trip advisor etc ASAP.. Thank you so much to all at Lake Garda weddings. You gave us our dream day and we can’t even begin express our heartfelt thanks in words. Future brides & grooms, you will not be disappointed xxx

Sarah & Peter’s comments

Monday, August 24th, 2015


To Jaq & Gwen, We really don’t know where to start! THANKYOU!!! We had the most AMAZINGLY MAGICAL wedding! We wish we could do it all over again! From start to finish- the planning stages via email from the UK to collecting our photograph CDs and DVD footage just 4 days after the wedding! The service you provided was seamless, stress-free, PERFECTION! People always said to us that planning a wedding is the most stressful process- this was quite the opposite in our case. You all made the entire wedding experience enjoyable and we are so very grateful to you and your expertise for this. Having never been to Lake Garda before we took a risk but it was well worth it! We met Jaq at our welcome meeting just 2 days before our wedding- finalising all of the arrangements we had made via email. You really do provide the perfect package! Yourselves and your amazing wedding planner Jaq’s friendly organisation and timing skills helped everything to go as planned- even with last minute ribbon changes! Gwen’s photography skills and relaxed and fun approach which provided over 600 photos! The videographer who caught all of the little details we wouldn’t have see ourselves. The florist- who had fantastic advice for flowers that would work together and decorating the terrace beautifully, the hairdresser- who managed to make a masterpiece of my hair to match a picture i’d sent to Jaq with ease (my own hairdresser from the UK spent 2 hours trying and couldn’t do it). Al Cervo- for the wonderful food and service and the beautiful air conditioned room they provided and decorated for us. The tuk tuk driver- who was friendly and gentlemanly and an amazing dress fluffer for photos! The castle bar- who came to the groom- Pete’s rescue – calling a family member for a needle and thre ad just minutes before the ceremony when a button fell off his waistcoat. The train driver- who gave us a mini tour of Malcesine to and from the restaurant. The boat trip company who provided a trip around the beautiful lake and the people/guests of Malcesine who clapped and cheered us as we travelled around town made every aspect of our wedding memorable and magical! All of our guests commented on and complimented the professional service from all vendors and have said it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to! Not only was it our Fabulous wedding, it was an experience they will never forget. We would definitely recommend your service to anyone!! We spent 11 amazing days in Malcesine and we will definitely return…. There may be a vow renewal on the cards ;) … lots of love Sarah & Pete aka Mr & Mrs Martin! ❤️ x x x

Laura & Kev’s wedding

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Jac & Gwen,
Wondering where to start in thanking Lake Garda Weddings for the most perfect & special day of our lives. I don’t think there are enough thank you’s in the world that will show how grateful we are for the experience that we had. From the very start, LGW have been utterly amazing. No question was ever silly, ever too much, they replied so quickly and there was always somebody there to make you feel reassured.
I have a friend getting married in Cyprus next year and the wedding planners that she is using are a nightmare and when telling me of her bad experiences, I count myself so so lucky that LGW were so amazing and I feel sorry for my friend as when she asked if it was the same for me, I couldn’t make her feel better as my experience was faultless from the start.
Reputation is a huge factor that made us choose LGW. We had never been to Malcesine or Lake Garda before and we made the decision not to visit before our wedding. I know some people thought this to be foolish, but after seeing thousands of photos, reading thousands of reviews, we knew that there was no need. We are so so glad that we didn’t visit before the wedding as when we arrived, everything was so much more amazing and special seeing it for the first time. We knew it was going to be beautiful, but didn’t realise exactly how beautiful it was.
We were very lucky to have had so many guests attend our wedding and share our experience. Since returning, we have actually received thank you cards from our guests, who have fallen in love with Malcesine and commented on how amazing the day was, they’d never been to such a special wedding and they also commented on how fantastic the LGW team were. Jac organised our guests perfectly on the day, making sure everything and everyone was in place. She made us feel excited about our wedding & her reassuring smile on the day made me feel so confident. Gwen was amazing! So friendly & efficient. We were a bit worried about having lots of photos taken but she made it fun, easy and quick, allowing us to enjoy our day and not keep our guests waiting too long.
The tuk tuk was fab! Lucas was very comforting and even helped position my dress for photos. He also knew how special this time was for me, taking a moment to say how beautiful I looked, and to enjoy every moment with a reassuring hand on my cheek. It was wonderful to go through the cobbled streets feeling like a celebrity with people cheering & clapping as well as a musical street performer spontaneously playing ‘Here comes the bride.’ Magical. I also had my uncle at the wedding who is in a wheelchair at the wedding. LGW arranged for Lucas to pick up my uncle & aunt from their hotel & transport them to the wedding in the tuk tuk. This was a special moment for them, giving them that same feeling as we had driving through the streets. This just shows how amazing LGW are as they did not have to do this yet it was no trouble at all. I don’t think LGW quite realised how much this meant to my family.
The meal at La Voglia was literally the best food we have ever eaten and the one thing all of our guests commented on was how amazing the food was!! Christian and his team are fantastic and so good at what they do. The setting is perfect, the way the restaurant is set up is perfect, allowing guests to sit & enjoy the evening or dance the night away. We feel so lucky to have had our reception here as nowhere could have topped it!
I could go on and on about our day as it was the most perfect day of our lives. We asked ourselves how we could have topped the tuk tuk, the castle, the weather, the ice creams, lakeside reception, boat trip & la Voglia and we know that we simply couldn’t have. Getting married abroad is a big decision and a big risk but this decision was simply the best one we could have ever made. I want to thank LGW from the bottom of my heart for making our day more magical than we ever thought it would be. We will be returning to Malcesine as it will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Thank you
Laura & Kev

Ben & Juliet’s post

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Deborah, Gwen and all the Lake Garda Weddings team! Just wow!

Thank you so much for making our big day so special and most importantly incredibly enjoyable. We didn’t have to lift a finger on the day or think about any details as they were all handled by the ladies.

Re Lear is worthy of a Michelin star! The food was simply amazing, and along with the staff and head chef, all made us feel so so special. We even went back the next day for lunch because they were so lovely and food delicious!

We hadn’t ever been to Malcesine before the wedding so our meeting day with Deborah a few days before, was our first glimpse of our day! We were blown away with the scenery, the people and their organisation! Deborah was gorgeous and I hope we will keep in touch with her. She was the best at telling us not to worry about the weather, it changes so quickly and the other options if it does drizzle are just as beautiful. (It was pouring with rain on the morning right up until 10am but by 11am it was clear sky all the way!)

Siora Veronica boat was by far, one of our highlights! The boat is incredible, worth every penny!

Gwen Courtman thank you for all our pictures, they are stunning :) group photos were done with such efficiency no one had to wait long to get their gelato!!

I wish we could do it all over again!!!

Ben & Juliet xx

EMMA & CHRIS HUNTER’s comments

Monday, August 17th, 2015

EMMA & CHRIS HUNTER’s comments

Firstly, sorry this has taken so long but I wanted to get it perfect!! I’m now sitting on my laptop in my sunset villa in the Maldives on our honeymoon, completely relaxed and I can give this review the time it deserves!! WOW WOW WOW!!! What can we say!!!!! Annabel, a friend for life!!! Thank you so much to LGW for the most magical day of our lives!!! We couldn’t even have imagined it to have been as amazing as it was! Right from the very start, 18 months ago when I first emailed, we got all the information that we needed so quickly. This made it an easy decision to book with LGW, complete experts. We visited in April 2014 and fell in love with Malcesine! I was in tears as we drove the lake knowing this was where we had chosen to marry! We met with the girls and we were shown round the route of our day, again a fantastic service. All the girls so welcoming and had answers for all of our questions! Complete professionals!! It was weird even on this trip, the season before our actual wedding, we felt a connection with Annabel. We visited again in Sept 2014 for our parents to see Malcesine and they all fell in love with it as much as we did. Our last trip before the wedding was in May 2015, we actually managed to take a suitcase (wedding stuff) over with us on this trip and our hotel (Casa Barca) stored it for until the wedding, amazing service!! During this trip we met the lovely Annabel again and she really did become a friend, so many good recommendations. It was this trip we found the Rock Caf?!!! Amazing!! Dimitri is a legend with our wedding party!! So we arrived a few days before our wedding in July and met up with Annabel again. We went through our welcome meeting, done the legal bit and then paid the bills which could be paid. Annabel made us feel so at ease and everything was explained. Nothing was rushed and she really did spend hours with us as we enjoyed catching up! The day itself, what can we say!!!! From Francesca (makeup) and Tizi (hairdresser) who really did work their magic on all of the girls and Lucas the TUK TUK driver who picked my Mum and I up from the hotel. The service was amazing!! The TUK TUK was an experience in itself, I didn’t soak it up as much on the way to the castle as I was abit nervous but being taken through the town with my husband with everyone standing and clapping was just amazing. I really did feel like a Princess!!! Gwen, what can I say!! The photos are amazing!!! We absolutely loved how quick you were and there was no messing about. I knew exactly what I wanted and you pulled it out the bag! Chris was abit apprehensive about the photos taking too long but everything was done and we were enjoying the lakeside toast with our family and friends in just over an hour!! It makes us wonder what take so long in Scotland!!! La Pace, Mohammed, an absolute gentleman!! The lakeside toast was fantastic and Prosecco free flowing!! We took the half hour boat trip as we had a few children, didn’t want anyone needing the loo….. this again was amazing, a much needed breeze for everyone!!! La Voglia, wow!!! The best meal we have ever eaten and that even comes from some of our guests!! Christian and his staff were amazing!!! Everything went like clockwork, the staff were there to meet ever need, however it was like they were invisible!! Absolute professionals!! We had the band, Style Libero!!!! Fantastic!!! Had everyone dancing all night!! Brilliant!!! After La Voglia, we have booked the Rock Cafe!!! This again was another amazing experince!!! Chris and I walked in and it was just out of this world!!! The party really did start here!!! We all partied into the wee small hours!! Totally recommend Dimitri and his wife, fantastic!!! Leaving our little fairy god mother to last, Annabel, what can I say, we love you and thank you!!! Everything went like clock work, not many people can say that there is absolutely nothing they would change about their special day! Everything and we mean everything, was perfect!!! You really are a star, a complete perfectionist and true professional!!! So many of our guests have told us, (we need to keep it quiet so not to be rude to others) it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to! Quite a few have already booked up to come back to Malcesine already!!!! Thank you, stay in touch and we’ll see you soon, love Chris and Emma (Mr & Mrs H)

Chris and Sarah’s comments

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Hi LGW ladies!
Thank you for a perfect wedding day!! It was more than we could ever have dreamed of. Our family and friends had an amazing time, and most are already talking about returning to lake garda.  Annabel was brilliant, Gwen took some absolutely gorgeous pictures, the castle is unbelievable, the boat trip was fabulous, la Voglia has the best food and views and we enjoyed every minute!!
Thank you again! We will cherish the memories forever. Love, chris and sarah xxx

Meg and Matt’s comments

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

MEG & MATT ha inserito questo messaggio sul guestbook:

Thank you so much for giving us and our guests such a smooth, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable day. Annabel was absolutely fantastic – the whole day went like clockwork because of her brilliant care and she was amazing, right from topping up glasses throughout the actual wedding day, to telling restaurant staff to look after us when we bumped into her around town after it! From our very first email to LGW (feels like about a million ago!!) we felt that we were in safe, attentive, expert hands and we were entirely confident that our day would be perfect. It was. Absolutely everything had been thought of and I was not even remotely stressed or worried on the day – we both completely enjoyed ourselves and were smiling throughout, thanks to your brilliant care. The photography on the day was excellent – Gwen was so chatty and natural that we felt really comfortable, and it shows in the photos we have come away with – we have 600 amazing shots of the day and we love them! The day you organised for us was better than anything we could have imagined – the ceremony was stunning (and not stuffy or serious – there is video evidence of us cracking up RE Toad of Toad Hall). We loved the tuk tuk and driver, that made the day extra special, and the champagne toast at La Pace was so much better than we had hoped. Our boat trip was beautiful, and our evening dinner was ridiculously good – La Pace and Mohammed were just fantastic! Our guests raved about the whole day and everyone there had such a good time thanks to you ladies.

Seamus and Oona’s comments

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

SEAMUS AND OONA O’KANE ha inserito questo messaggio sul guestbook:

We cannot thank LGW’s enough, we never doubted that they would be good at their jobs and all would go smoothly , but the day they prepared for us was above and beyond any expectation we had …they are very professional and experts at their jobs! it was amazing from start to finish , all our friends and family loved every minute of it and are still talking about it …a wedding day is an extremely important event in anyone’s life but to the bride I think its a little bit more important I always felt a bit hmm…what if its not as good as I expect that’s my wedding day im allowing someone else control of… I can honestly say it blew me away I am so happy that its our wedding our friends and family will talk about for the next 20 years and its all down to lgw ladies esp thanks to jac and gwen xx

Sarah & Tom’s comments

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

TOM & SARAH TARDIF ha inserito questo messaggio sul guestbook:

Well what can we say?! I can hardly believe it is coming up to a month since we had our magical day! We wanted to write this message sooner but have had so much on from our local wedding evening do to the stag and hen dos of my brother and sister to be! Words cannot explain how amazing the LGW team is! I never for one second had any doubts about LGW or that they would provide us with the wedding of our dreams. I had so many people asking me leading up to the day, was I nervous that something may go wrong? Or after having our welcome meeting with Annabel, did we feel more at ease? I told them all on both occasions that I had had no doubts about any of it the entire process of planning our wedding! I trusted them completely and I was right to! Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was absolutely perfect! From the flowers, to the weather, to the ceremony and music! There wasn’t a dry eye on that terrace! Since I have been home everyone has asked me if the day was everything we hoped it would be and we have replied every time that our wedding day was everything and more than we ever imagined. The LGW women are simply amazing! I feel so grateful and blessed that my now husband stumbled upon them because I will remember that magical day for as long as I live. My guests had an amazing time and haven’t stopped raving about the wedding since and on top of that we all had an amazing holiday! We were blessed with great weather and not everyone can say that they jumped off the pier into the lake at 1am on their wedding night! Thank you again! Especially to Annabel and Gwen who were simply amazing! We are forever greatful! Love Tom & Sarah Tardif