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Insert by Laura & Ian – Malcesine Castle

Firstly we are still floating in cloud 9 since the 20th October 2012 and can’t believe it really happened to us! We can’t thank you both enough for the amazing service we received, friendly, supportive, informative and professional!

My first experience of lake Garda weddings was flicking through a good old friends’ photos of her wedding (Alison and James summer 2011), we had been trawling around all the usual wedding venues in the UK and getting very frustrated at all the on costs and total costs and not really feeling like the day was going to be what we wanted, special yet relaxed and easy. Upon seeing the photos and emailing Alison she put me in touch with Gwen and the rest was just so easy!!

We didn’t visit Malcesine prior to the wedding and am so glad that we didn’t, it is truly the most amazing and picturesque place we have ever been to -and so too thought our guests ….. A lot of them very well travelled!

The only contact we had with lake Garda weddings was via email, there was never any need to call and discuss as all the emails sent with accompanying attachments were clear and precise and easy to reply to. The Facebook site is an amazing source of knowledge and support! A great place to share wedding rants about bridesmaidzillas and also discuss table settings etc etc i also felt very sure that lake Garda weddings had a huge amount of confidence in their services to allow this private site as all of the members are so honest on there… When I say honest I refer to there never being a negative report of lake Garda weddings, only positive praise and help! And some lovely people!

We arrived in Malcesine on Thursday the 18th October two days before the wedding, we stayed at hotel Erika ( I would highly recommend) and straight away walked around Malcesine town with the beautiful shops, bars and restaurants, we found the beautiful boats and started to just feel overwhelmed with our choice to get married here!

We had our welcome meeting on Friday morning at the lake Garda weddings head quarters and felt completely at ease and almost felt like we were talking to good old friends . Our planner , who took us through the day step by step answered any queries we had with confidence, and we visited the florist, castle, hairdresser, drinks reception area and boat trip area. Our planner arranged for me to have my hair trial later that day and discussed my ideas with the lovely hairdresser titiana. In the florist we discussed the ideas for flowers and Andrea ensured I was very happy before we left. Me and Ian then went to la vogila to drop off all our reception bits n bobs, the staff were very helpful and we had a great chat with the owner Cristian,and I have to say what a breath taking restaurant this is! Right on the water, lovely views, beautifully decorated! We were with our best friends and we decided… A prosseco was needed to celebrate the excitement and joy we were already feeling!

The day of the wedding was so stress free and just amazing! Words can’t really ever do it justice! From the fun relaxed time at the hairdresser who is a LEGEND! the hair do’s were a work of art! To getting ready at our hotel with the bridesmaids and moms, the tuk tuk arrived which was brilliant … Me and dad absolutely felt like movie stars travelling in that! We then met gwen and had some lovely photo opportunities which is where I first heard the string quartet which made my mouth drop open it was so lovely!!! As we arrived at the foot of the castle I met the bridesmaids and had a giggle with gwen who constantly put us at ease but also kept us on track! As I entered the castle grounds and walked the steps I stood and took a deep breath feeling very overwhelmed with all our lovely supportive guests, the string quartet playing was very emotional and the setting was beautiful! And then I saw my wonderful handsome husband to be and just felt on top of the world!

I knew Gwen was there but wasn’t aware of the beautiful photos she was taking -looking back she captured lovely moments without being intrusive – as a result the photos are very natural.

Me and my husband walked down the aisle to “here comes the sun” played by the string quartet and it was so apt as the sun was shining and we both had beaming smiles! The photographs were led by Gwen and we are overjoyed by the result! It was great to have the group photos and then Gwen led me and Ian with a helpful “fluffer” to have our own photos taken around the castle which was great to have that time together.

We then had the confetti throwing as we exited before Ian and I went by tuk tuk to our lake side toast, the guests followed led informatively by Andrea and we all just chatted about the amazing experience we had all had, it was a lovely moment to get round and chat to all guests and a few times when I stood back and watched everyone looked very relaxed, at ease and happy chilling with eachother in the sunshine with their glasses of bubbly and nibbles. I cannot recommend the lake side toast highly enough. This was a great way to chat to each of our guests, take in the amazing lakeside views and enjoy fine food and a bit of bubbly to boot !! The champagne seemed to be never ending.

We then took the short walk to the boat trip and everyone just loved this! You got to really appreciate the beauty of Malcesine and especially the castle as the boat sailed out and you looked back at Malcesine. Again another opportunity to catch up with our guests and everyone just seemed overwhelmed with the day… I realised that this was not only an amazing experience for us but all our guests were lucky enough to be experiencing this with us! We all felt like movie stars!!!!

As we then arrived at la voglia the day just got even better, another drinks reception and then to the sit down meal… I really cannot put into words the quality of the food. Each course was amazing with my two favourite courses being the risotto and the amazing lasagne!!! The service we received was outstanding the staff were very friendly, super efficient and just made the evening so easy!

As the drinks were flowing we then arrived outside to the Dj and saxophonist who was again amazing! the saxophone was lovely to listen to as our food settled. As we danced our first dance the rest of the evening just flowed and both me and Ian never left the dance floor! The dj played all of our requested songs and more and just really got the right feel for our guests! We had chosen take that’s ” greatest day” to end our night … And felt a little gutted when it started to play as we knew the evening was over! However me, Ian and all of our guest took to the floor and created a mass of swinging singing bodies that just showed the happiness we all felt!

Taxi s were ordered quickly and efficiently and we returned to Malcesine and into the bar Castillo ( which became our drinking parlour for our trip) me and Ian snuck off and left our guests too it but both of us couldn’t believe what an amazing day we had just had!!!

So basically this email is sent with love and thanks for making our wedding day so special, carefree, enjoyable, easy, fun, glamorous, picturesque,high quality, and magical.

We highly recommend lake Garda weddings and all it’s partners that we worked with and now can’t wait to book our next trip back to malcesine! And who knows one day we may arrange to have a renewal of our vows…. If that’s possible Gwen? Giggle giggle

Thank you so very very much x x x

Laura and Ian Millward x x x