Yesterday (11/08/2016) was mine and Phil Nellist wedding day.
It took us a few months to decide on Italy or Mauritius by paper in a hat and Mauritius won but something in the end made me change my mind so Italy being the place where Phil proposed won me over and Phil too.
Lake Garda was our choice after looking at Italian weddings and we found 2 companies. The second being LGW and that’s the one we chose to go with and I’m so glad we did.
Obviously going from scratch with a company you don’t know is scary, putting your biggest day of your life in the hands of a group of women you don’t know. Yet it’s the best decision I’ve made. Even my new husband will agree and so have our guests about the beautiful location and the stunning wedding.
Only dry eyes were of me & Phil I believe. I got through that phase by singing our wedding song (where angels play by stone roses) as I walked down the aisle.
We wasn’t 100% conventional as we lived together just over 4 years and for our wedding I was adamant adidas trainers for our footwear seeing as we collect adidas. Full room at our house.
Everyone was rushing around yesterday and only a small wedding party. One where the best man couldn’t make it so we made Phils nephew, Lucas the best man. He did us proud and only 8 years old.
The Tuk Tuk was 10 mins late and I panicked as hotel is 1.7km up mountain but Luca turned up, made me feel calm and my happy self came out (as early pics off Gwen show) and heading to the castle, I felt like a princess. Nothing can describe that feeling of being cheered on in the Tuk Tuk by locals and holiday makers.
Getting to Gwen Courtman I felt at ease and we had some pics and some light hearted chat. Some normality on an emotional day. Just what was needed.
The fact we used LGW for flowers, hair, make up, Tuk Tuk, restaurant, boat, legality’s, keeping our lot under control on the day (you deserve a medal Deborah Fravezzi) also the fantastic photography and also local knowledge of the ladies at LGW is amazing and they know who to go to and when.
Yesterday was the greatest day and I loved every single second and it’s all thanks to my hubby for letting me go with my dream of being a princess in a castle and the ladies at LGW and also each and everyone of you in this group who have given great advice over the last year or so to me.
I thank you all and just for future brides, you are in the greatest hands possible. Enjoy every minute and don’t stress over things that go wrong along the way as in the great scheme of things, they don’t matter. All that matters is those minutes up at the castle saying your vows in your very own paradise xxx