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Insert by Caren & Luke – Malcesine

Dear Annabel & Gwen

Gosh I don’t even know where to start as how can you describe the most magical day of our lives. Writing this has been so difficult hence the delay in us sending it through so I thought rather than send a thank you I would write you a step by step of our experience to show you how truly amazing all you ladies are in the LGW office. Maybe you could share this with others as well if you required 🙂

From the moment we first contacted the ladies in Italy we were blown away with the support provided. We went for a pre-wedding visit to Malcesine in Sept 2013 not even engaged at this point but an opportunity to think what we could do in the future. Annabel was amazing and the walk through of the day was so reassuring to see what we could have on offer. We were taken aback by the incredible views, the venues, the flowers, the streets and atmosphere, it was stunning. As a result my husband even proposed on the lake that weekend as I think he just knew this was the place. To top that off we then booked that weekend as the location is what can only be described as the most perfect place you could ever dream of. From there it was yes/no answers to make sure we had picked all the options for the day, the most relaxing wedding our friends have ever heard of to organise.

On arrival to Malcesine for our wedding in August 2014 we arrived on the Thursday (due to marry on the Sunday). Having a pre-wedding meeting with the lovely Annabel was perfect and just what we needed to ensure we had ticked all the boxes. We had another run through and then a meeting with the Town Hall we were ready to go and get married on Sunday. I couldn’t get over how easy all of this was. I had booked in with the lovely makeup artist for a trail and also treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. I could not recommend her enough, my manicure and pedicure lasted for about 3 weeks, it was fabulous. You will have no need to worry about it chipping before your big day.

Where do I even begin with explaining our day. Well you turn up at the hairdressers in the morning and all they need is a picture and they create a masterpiece. Please please please thank them for an amazing hair do, it lasted all day. I had a slight melt down at this point as a storm hit the village with rain, thunder and lighting. I couldn’t believe it and we were both devastated. Myself and the bridesmaids went back to my room to get ready whilst my husband I believe made his way to the castle. The decision was made to have our wedding in the castle room, which looking back now I wouldn’t have had any other way. We were only a small group of 29 and we had the pianist playing which sounded amazing with the acoustics. It was so intimate and the view we looked out to of the lake was breath-taking. I think luck or something was on our side that day as when we walked out the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. Anybody that is using Gwen for your pictures you can be rest assured that you will safe hands. All of our pictures around the castle were stunning (all 1015 of them for 4 hours) and she knows all the best spots which I am sure you will see from the website. Our guests at this point where looked after by Annabel who helped my little 3 year old niece hand out our ice cream vouchers and then get them ready for our confetti moment. People were all crowed up waiting to see us leave the castle and get in the tuk tuk. We both felt famous whilst trying to get confetti out of our cloths going down the hill.

We then reached the bottom of the hill and had our lake side toast which was truly perfect, I great place to see everyone and start to relax. It was lovely, everybody was so complimentary of the food. We then made our way to the boat for our little cruise down to La Volgia. What a brilliant idea and lovely way to cool down at the same time. It was so lovely to get out on the Lake and an amazing experience for all our guests. My niece even got to drive the boat lol.

On arriving at the restaurant for our reception we were met with more nibbles and bubbles. Everyone had a chance to relax whilst we got a few more pictures with Gwen. The meal, well what can we say other than it was exquisite. Every course was perfect and we managed to pick some lovely options that suited all. We were all royally stuffed by the end and for anyone considering this restaurant believes us you have will have no concerns with your food. Again please thank all the staff for the gorgeous food. After our meal we had the DJ/Sax playing, he was perfect for our group. He followed our playlist and also took requests with some current music which was great. We were also blessed by a load of fireworks going off down the lake so everyone took five while we sat back and watch them, not bad when we didn’t have to pay for it.

Future brides and grooms of Malcesine, what can we say other than if you chose to go with Lake Garda Weddings you will be making the best decision of your lives. I have never heard so many people comment on what a great day it was and how everyone will be returning when they can. We have already said we will definitely be renewing our vows in the years to come. Annabel & Gwen you truly are our angels and made the most special day of our lives PERFECT, we would not have changed anything. Thank you for everything and I hope we will get to see you next year when we come out to visit.

Lots of love

Caren & Luke Piscina xxxx