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Insert by Charlotte & Rob – Malcesine

To all you lovely ladies,

Where do I begin?! We could say thank you a million times and it’ll never really express how truly thankful we are to you for giving us our dream wedding!
Rob and I had already been engaged two years when we finally decided to set a date to get married. We’d decided to get married abroad as I no longer had my parents and Rob no longer had his Father so it was never going to be a traditional wedding for that reason alone. So I went to the travel agents and got some brochures and stumbled across Malcesine-wow! To get married in a castle really was my dream wedding! So I contacted the travel agents and with a lot of toing and froing they were utterly useless! The wedding was on hold until further notice!
Pretty much a year later the bitter taste had left my mouth from my experience with the travel agents and I searched for another company to book our dream wedding! I stumbled across Lake Garda Weddings. From the first email, every question was answered without hesitation and reassurance! It almost felt too good to be true but, by 28th August 2012 we’d officially set our wedding date, Wednesday 21st August 2013 at 11am at Malcesine Castle on the outdoor terrace!
Rob was quite laid back in his approach. He said his role was to just turn up on the day with his suit on…….. oh and to pay the bill!! Lol! Other than that he was happy for me to make all the arrangements and decisions. The more time went on, he loved the surprise of it all.
More quickly than anticipated, the months started to fly by and bit by bit, I was receiving emails on things that needed to be done but there was no stress involved. I sat back and enjoyed the ride! In some ways, it didn’t quite feel real as everything was so easy! Arranging a wedding was supposed to be stressful, right?!
18th August 2013 had arrived and it was time to fly out for our wedding! We didn’t have the greatest of starts as our luggage didn’t arrive in Malcesine at the same time as us but once that nightmare was over, we could really start to appreciate the breathtaking views-WOW! No picture ever does Lake Garda justice!
The day before our wedding we had our welcome meeting with the lovely Annabel, someone who will forever stay in our hearts. On our way to the Lake Garda office I remember saying to Rob, ‘its scary to think we’ve put our trust in people that we’ve never even met before to arrange one of the most important days of our lives’. Its one of the best decisions we could have EVER made!
Annabel showed us around the castle, the florists, hairdressers, the lake side, all the places we’d be going to the following day- our wedding! It was only at this point that reality set in for Rob, he was actually getting married! My biggest concern was being an emotional wreck, as I’m known for shedding more than a tear or two very easily! I asked Annabel if she’d ever had a bride cry all the way through the service, she sad no! This concerned me, as I feared I’d be the first! Later that day the lovely Jacqui did my nails and to no surprise, I started to cry when we started talking about the wedding! Slightly embarrassed to say the least, Jacqui reassured me and said that she was quietly confident that when I put my dress on the following day, something would come over me and I’d be fine! But, if there was any thunder on the day, it was my parents just reminding me that they were there 🙂
Our wedding party met that evening at La Pace which was amazing and we just ran through the day with everyone and reminded them of where and when they needed to be.
Before we knew it, it was the morning of our wedding. It started with having my hair done by the fabulous Tizi, I didn’t have a trial before hand I just simply showed her a picture on arrival! Amazing, it was perfect. She very kindly plaited my stepdaughters hair too who was patiently waiting for me! We both made our way back to our hotel feeling like princess’!
Gwen joined us at 10am to start our photos. At first I felt a little nervous but then, I started to enjoy every minute, we were actually getting married! Luca was a true gent driving the tuk tuk and before I knew it I was up on the terrace sitting next to my husband to be with a smile on my face from ear to ear! Although, I think Id passed my emotional side onto him as he was in need of a tissue!!
The service passed, along with the photos, the lakeside toast, the hour long boat trip and then our wedding breakfast at La Voglia! The whole day was truly amazing. More than we could ever have dreamed of. All of our guests kept thanking us for such a wonderful day, where really, the thanks is all down to you. Without you lovely ladies none of this would have been possible. Gwen effortlessly took hundreds of photos which captured the happiness throughout the day. Annabel held all our hands along the way and made the day run so smoothly- to have someone be part of your wedding who started out a stranger but ended up feeling like one of the family, was perfect! Christian and his staff are the height of professionalism, everything was simply perfect. The string quartet, Jacqui, Tizi, the list is endless!
I could literally carry on much more explaining how perfect everything was. I’m still reliving the day most days now and I keep hearing Rob tell people we’ve had a fairy tale wedding! You really have given us the most magical day of our lives and we’ll forever be eternally grateful to you!

For anyone reading this who’s considering getting married in Malcesine and having the assistance of the lovely Lake Garda Wedding ladies, please don’t hesitate, because with their help and the magic of Malcesine, Lake Garda really is the place where dreams come!

On that note I’ll leave it, as I’m now shedding that expected tear or two!

We’ll see you next year ladies for our anniversary!

Love Mr and Mrs Jones ( Charlotte + Rob)