So today was our first day back at work following our fantastic wedding in Malcesine. I don’t think it would have been so hard going back to work if we’d had just a nice wedding in Malcesine but the fact that we had the most fantastic wedding we could ever have dared to wish for certainly made it very difficult to go back to work. Most definitely having post-wedding , post-Malcesine withdrawal! It eased the blow a little being able to show my friends at work the lovely pictures that Gwen took for us. Everyone today has been asking me ‘so how was it? how did it go?’ and all I can say is ‘perfect’, ‘amazing’, ‘better than i’d ever imagined’, ‘unbelievable’. I must have sounded like broken record but i can’t quite find the words to explain just how ‘perfect, amazing, unbelievable’ it actually was.
Just today, my aunty told me that, when anyone asks ‘how was it?’ she tells them about something my friend said to her following the wedding, which she thinks sums up the wedding in a way I havnt been able to…she said to me ‘your friend summed it up perfectly Clo, she told me that none of us nor anyone we know will be able to get married anytime in the next 3 years until we have at least forgotten a bit of how amazing it’s been, because we can’t do anything that will come close to this wedding, ever’…that kinda of goes a little way to describe just how fantastic and seamless it all was.

Gwen, Sara (our brilliant wedding planner), Deborah and Annabel, you are all so professional and approachable and ensured we were stress free from start to finish (which is quite something when organising a wedding abroad for 41 people). Countless times since first booking with LGW in early 2015 I remember sending an email with numerous questions (some i know were rather ridiculous) and I always recieved a prompt and reassuring answer. Always felt in safe hands.

Sara, it wasnt until speaking to my family (and my Grandma Vi), the day following the wedding, that I found out how kind, caring and considerate you were with my particular my 83year old Grandma Vi. You understood how important it was to me that she had a good day and how I was a little concerned with how she might manage the cobbles and the long wedding day. I was amazed to find out that you had been looking out for her all day, ensuring she was comfortable, had a chair available if needed and its no wonder she and my family are still singing your praises! She had a brilliant day, along with every single person, myself and Jonny included. You went above and beyond.

Gwen, I cant stop looking at the photographs you took, and thats before we’ve even managed to see the hundreds on the CD! We’re not good at getting our photos taken (i think i might have mentioned that quite a few times?) but we relaxed quickly and have you to thank. Our photos are stunning, thank you so much. You also went out of your way to ensure we got our table decorations to La Voglia when Jonnys mum (who was travelling with the decs) was delayed unexpectantly and you had to take time out of an already busy schedule to meet us at the restaurant to drop everything off. Above and beyond!
Cristian and the staff at La Voglia, Luka, the lovely ladies who did our hair and my makeup, the florist and everyone involved in our day were so professional and made our day as seamless as it was!

Thank you Lake Garda Weddings.

Love the Livingstone-Evans’