Hi Ladies

So sorry It has taken me so long to write this! I am only just adjusting back into reality now that I am back in the office.

I cannot thank you enough for what can only be described as the day of our dreams! Right from the beginning when we booked nearly 3 years ago you have been amazing. Our wedding hasn’t been the most straight forward let’s be honest but from the get go you have saved the day! From having to move the wedding back a whole year due to a little surprise bundle of joy, to cancellations and last minute family break ups I honestly believe I would have had a breakdown without you all! Nothing was ever too much trouble for you to sort with an added bonus of calming me down at the same time.

There is not a single one of our guests who didn’t comment on how beautiful it all was and how organised! Sara was just brilliant all day, so professional and friendly with everyone that she felt more like an extra guest! I am completely swamped with emails, messages and comments on our photos Gwen! They are truly beautiful and everything I expected they would be after stalking your website for two years. I always knew the day would be incredible after reading all of your reviews and trawling through the website and the very helpful Facebook group but being a bit of a fusser I didn’t think it would be faultless but it really was! It was perfect.

Thank you all again so so much!

Lots of love

Danni & Leon