We first contacted LGW in September 2014. Almost 2 years later we tied the knot in the most perfect venue, with spectacular views and in the best hands we could have dreamed of, Lake Garda Weddings. From the day I first emailed an enquiry I think it took Gwen less than an hour to reply with more information than we knew what to do with. So we read every single page in awe of such a magnificent place. It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with Malcesine Castle and one or two spreadsheets later we requested our top three choices for our dream wedding!! We must have sent in excess of a hundred emails to the lovely ladies of LGW and we always received prompt, friendly, informative replies from Gwen, Annabel, Jackie or Debs. I’m sure we must have been a pain with our never ending questions but they always smiled and always greeted our questions in such a friendly manner, nothing ever seemed too much trouble. Once we received our email in January 2015 to say the Town Hall had confirmed our wedding for 20th May 2016 we couldn’t wait to tell people. Some were overjoyed, others not so much due to it being in a country they had never visited. It sometimes felt we had a lot of obstacles in our way but no matter what the LGW ladies were always on hand to help us and make us realise we couldn’t have made a better choice. They made is so easy for us every single step of the way. I genuinely don’t think we could have done this without them. When they found out we were planning a visit to Malcesine to scout out the venue and town they quickly arranged a welcome meeting with us. We felt like absolute royalty! Meeting Annabel in April 2015 was a pivotal moment for us in our wedding planning. She was amazing! Everything we thought about the place was blown out of the water and we were bowled over and completely in love with the town of Malcesine and the stunning castle! Before travelling out we had a clear idea of what we thought the wedding day would be like and how we wanted pizza and lasagne as our wedding meal and we even thought La Voglia was “too posh” for us! I would 100% recommend a reccy visit out to Malcesine and arranging a meeting with the ladies before the big day because they put everything into perspective, and of course, they are the experts in their field. We listened to every piece of advice we were given and we thought about it and acted upon it off our own backs. We were never once forced, looked down upon or made to feel inferior to anyone else at any point. Annabel treated us like we were her one and only wedding, even though she deals with hundreds of different couples!
Fast forward a year to May 2016, we’d filled in the paperwork (following careful instructions from LGW), we’d checked everything off the list and we were ready to go. We arrived back in Malcesine and were greeted by Gwen, Annabel, Sara and Debs on our first full day there. The warm and friendly welcome we received again put us at ease. Annabel ran through everything with us as if we’d never been out there before which was perfect to remind us of things we had forgotten. We felt ourselves relax and Annabel took all the strain from us as she couldn’t do enough for us. I (Karen) was so excited on the morning of the wedding, I went jumping into the LGW office to see all the ladies happy to see me and chatty and asking how I was feeling. I couldn’t have been more excited. When Annabel said she would walk us down to the hair dressers I was so happy, I instantly relaxed and felt better knowing she was there, even though I had nothing in the world to worry about! She just has this knack of calming you with her presence. She is one of the most kind, genuine people we have ever met. She is the perfect Wedding Planner! The day ran smoothly with not a single worry on our shoulders, guests thought Gwen and Annabel were wonderful and couldn’t believe how relaxed we were getting married abroad! Once they met Gwen and Annabel everyone commented on how now they understood why we were all in the beautiful Malcesine and why we raved about these wonderful ladies in our lives, who have now become friends of ours. They took complete control of the day in the best way, our guests hardly noticed going from one place to the next as it was so seamless and perfectly planned. Not a single thing went wrong on our wedding day and that is in no small part down to the wonderful, talented and organised ladies of LGW. We have no regrets regarding our wedding day and if we could do it all over again we would do it exactly the same. As we’re sat here typing I’m sad that it’s over. It’s been 11 days since our wonderful wedding day and we will be forever grateful to the ladies of Lake Garda Weddings. If you’re thinking of getting married aboard, don’t hesitate in contacting Lake Garda Weddings, you will not be disappointed. They will make your day perfect and you will make friends for life with the wonderful people here.
Sending all our thanks, gratitude and love for the most perfect wedding day and start to married life we could have ever asked for, the Johnsens xxx