From the minute I sent an email to you ladies enquiring about our wedding, I received quick, helpful and informative emails back. I was so impressed and we booked a trip last May to come and meet you all and take a look round at potential wedding venues. We met Annabel and had a fantastic time looking round the castle. We ended up booking on the spot and from that point on I have enjoyed every minute of planning our wedding. Everything was made clear and simple and any concerns or questions we had were handled and resolved. Skip forward a year and we had our welcome meeting with Sara and Christian at La Voglia. All the anxiety I had was gone after the meetings and I could relax and look forward to the big day. You all are so professional and understanding we had complete confidence that everything was under control. I will always you remember you Sara looking me in the eye when I was worried about the weather and saying “we ALWAYS have a plan B!” I knew whatever happened we would all have a fantastic I day.
On the actual day Gwen met us at the hotel and bought my fantastic, beautiful bouquet! Gwen knew all the best spots for the pics and I was completely put at ease and comfortable. To cut a long story short- Sara and all the LGW team worked so hard our day was PERFECT and I mean it! It was magical and everything was exactly how we had wished it to be. The food at La Voglia was just incredible and Chrisitian is honestly one of the kindest, most helpful guys we have ever met. His team worked hard to make sure our guests had an amazing evening.
Sorry to have written an essay feel free to cut down as you wish, but honestly ladies you probably hear it every email, but thank you- because forever and ever we will remember the most amazing day of our lives and we thank you for that.
Lots and lots of love
Georgia, Joe and Lucia Quaranta xxx