To Gwen, Jaq and everyone who made our wedding day the best ever,

I’ve been writing this email in my head since the day after we got married, but words can’t describe how perfect our day was.

When Aidan and I got engaged my dream wedding was to be on a beach in the Caribbean, no family or friends, just me, Aidan a sandy beach and deep blue sea. After a couple of months of being engaged we realised we wouldn’t be able to shake our family/friends off so we decided to look for somewhere closer to home, but still abroad to keep numbers down (the thought of being centre of attention still fills me with dread). I am so glad we didn’t go to the Caribbean.

I can’t remember how I found your website, and like a number of other people I have spoken to through Facebook, we booked the wedding just over 12 months ago without having visited Malcesine before.

From the very first email I knew we were in good hands, the whole team have been so friendly, answering all queries very quickly and probably patiently at times!!! The whole process was so simple, there were times I panicked just because I had nothing to do!! The day itself went without a hitch, I loved the journey in the tuk tuk on my way to the castle, it was surreal to have people clapping for me and taking my picture but surprisingly I really liked it. The boat trip to La Voglia was an excellent time just to chill and take in the scenery. La Voglia was simply wow!! I Loved the setting and the food was amazing.

Jacqui O’Shea – you did an amazing job with my makeup, luckily no-one saw the “before” pictures as I was not a pretty sight (hangover/nerves I think).

Gwen – the pictures are just amazing, I don’t usually like pictures of myself, but I can’t stop looking at these. They capture the day perfectly.

Jaq – I knew the day would run smoothly the moment we met you (and was later confirmed when you said Aidan talked a load of pap!!).

My brother in law said to someone on the wedding day that he was glad he was already married as he didn’t know how he would top our wedding – I think that just about sums it up!!

My only regret is that I felt we didn’t get much time to see Malcesine or other parts of the lake while we were there, but hopefully I can convince Aidan to come back next year to celebrate our first anniversary

Hope to see you all again

Helen & Aidan