Hello ladies,
Finally got back from our mini moon yesterday and reality of life back in England has hit me with a bang!
We got home and straight away put our photos on the laptop and reminisced on what is to date, the best day of our lives!
I’ve been thinking about the whole process of planning the wedding which began almost 2 years ago when my friend used LGW to plan her wedding, I remember looking at her photos and thinking WOW this place just looks magical! Becki then put my in touch with Gwen, and told me that the ladies on the wedding team could not have been more helpful.
I e-mailed Gwen and within the day she had replied sending me lots of information to read and consider. I showed Ben the photographs of Becki’s wedding and he loved it too, so we decided that we would put in a provisional date to get married in Malcesine. I remember the day I got the email confirming the date of our wedding like it was yesterday! This was when the major planning began!
Every question, wether it was at 4am or 10pm was answered so promptly by the ladies at LGW and I was never made to feel anything was ever a hassle- no matter how trivial my question was it was always answered, and my mind was put to rest!
As the days were looming towards us arriving in Italy I was checking our itinerary to see what time our meeting with Annabel was. I was quite excited to put a face to the person who Id been communicating with all of this time! When we arrived at the office within minutes I felt completely relaxed and felt like I’d known Annabel for years! She made us feel so comfortable and eased all of our worries within 10 minutes of our meeting! Ben especially found the meeting very helpful and he was at ease knowing that Annabel would be there to guide him through the morning- as I couldn’t be there to tell him what to do haha!
When the wedding day arrived I couldn’t have asked for a smoother day, the way everything was organised throughout the day made me feel like I had absolutely nothing to do other than enjoy every moment of my day!
Whilst we were having our photographs taken we noticed that we shared some of Gwen’s whitty sense of humour, again allowing us to completely relax… And almost turning Ben into a catalogue model! Haha!
The whole day was a huge success and all of our guests commented on how amazing Gwen and Annabel were throughout the day. I’m sure at some point my Mam was extremely emotional that Annabel left after the first course of our meal and wanted her to stay the whole day!
The day after the wedding we called by the LGW office to again say a huge thank-you and collect our photos, I felt very emotional that our journey with these wonderful ladies was coming to an end, and I even thought to myself how sad I will be that I won’t have daily messages in my inbox from Annabel, Deborah or Gwen!
So a huge huge thank- you to you guys who made our wedding day an absolute fairytale.
We couldn’t have asked for anything more, and we’ll be eternally grateful and remember the input you had on that amazing day!
Oh- and we’ll be coming back to see you guys every year on 1st June!
Lots of love
Mr & Mrs Dunn!
Jordan and Ben xxxx