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Insert by Julie & Ross – Malcesine – July

To all the lovely ladies at LGW. We would like to thank you for all your hard work, your kind, calm words when they were needed and the impeccable organisation and effort that went in to our wedding to make it such a huge success.
I’d like to think of myself as a great organiser and I have been known to throw brilliant parties so I felt the pressure was on to organise my own wedding. We had all sorts happen on the lead up to the wedding and so I became a bit overwhelmed and forgetful. The LGW ladies kept me on track.
My Dad was critically ill with pneumonia and was in intensive care for 10 days, we thought we were going to lose him. My Dad is my best friend and so we went through a very difficult time. He said that the wedding gave him something to fight for, a goal to reach and he wasn’t going to give up. He is still very poorly now, I explained to Gwen and Jac that he needed help to get through the day and they were absolutely fantastic. He still talks about Gwen now, about how thoughtful she was and how she made things easier for him. He didn’t leave his hotel room for 5 days on the lead up to the wedding just to save his strength to get through the day. It was so hot (40 degrees) that he literally couldn’t breathe. The calming influence that Jac and Gwen had on him got him through the day and he stayed all day and night without a worry. I can’t thank you enough for that as it really does mean the world to me.
Having that to deal with made everything a bit more stressful, I was a mess getting all the wedding documents sorted, we live in the Channel Islands and the process was different, but I needn’t have worried as it was all under control! Annabel was so helpful and must have thought I was mad, I must have asked 5 times if everything was in order – sorry Annabel smile emoticon
This facebook group was a massive help and everyone is so lovely, it really is a ‘go to’ for anything and everything, at any time of day/night there is always someone online, it’s exactly what you need when you are in panic mode.
As every bride does, I worried about the weather on the lead up to the day, it was forecast severe thunderstorms and it sent me in to a spin. We had 38 guests and I was so worried it would ruin their holiday never mind the wedding day. As usual, the forecast was wrong and we had a heatwave for the full week, it was 40 degrees most days with unspoilt sunshine.
Although it was too hot, I kept reminding myself and everyone else it could have been worse and given the option everyone chose the 40 degree sunshine haha. The heat tempted our ushers in the lake, they had races around the boats, it was hilarious. We all went paddling at sunset too.
The make up and hair trials were flawless, they literally copied the looks I wanted and I was so happy and relieved. On the day, my bridesmaids looked a million dollars and we all felt really special, just as you’d expect on your wedding day!
The ceremony was like a fairytale, everyone was in awe of the place it’s so magical. We had the violin and piano playing and the music was beautiful and perfect for the setting. I would highly recommend them.
Gwen was a real pro with the photos, she got everyone together very quickly and effortlessly after the ceremony, there was no hanging around. We had such a laugh getting our pictures taken and the results are perfect smile emoticon
We took the 1 hour boat ride to La Voglia which I would 100% recommend if you are thinking about it. La Voglia was fantastic, such a an amazing location and the food was phenomenal. It was perfect for 38 people. Everyone has said the food was by far some of the best they have ever had and we have a lot of foodie friends!
The DJ got all the tunes we wanted, we like dance music and some old school house and he managed to get everything we requested, we were so impressed.
We went to Bar Oasi after the restaurant, we only stayed for one drink but the rest of the party carried on til the early hours, again I would recommend adding this to your day as most people will want to carry on.
All in all, our wedding was superb, everyone still talks about it and have commented on it being the best they have ever been to which is all down to the location and the flawless skills of the LGW ladies. We will treasure our memories forever and we will be back to magical Malcesine next year to celebrate our anniversary. We cannot thank you all enough for making our wedding the best day of our lives.
To all you lucky brides to be out there, relax, enjoy the planning process and take comfort from the fact that you are all in good hands.
Love Julie & Ross xxx