Rob & I would like to say a massive big thank you to everyone at Lake Garda Weddings, for making our special day a real dream come true.
from the very beginning they have been 100% in providing us with all the information and guidance with all aspects of the wedding, Excellent correspondence to any emails we sent them, replying to them that same day or within minutes/hours. They really helped us every step of the way letting us know when we needed to be doing things back here in England. Nothing was too much trouble for them, lots of friendly help and advise which helped to make it a very smooth process here in the UK.
when the day finally came for us and our guests to fly out to Lake Garda, we was both very relaxed and calm about the wedding. We had our welcome meeting with Gwen and Annabel for the first time I was a little nervous as I’m very shy around people I do not know. both Annabel and Gwen made me feel so happy chilled and relaxed again. What a fantastic team they all are.
We was taken to all our venues and suppliers with such a high quality of care and respect explaining everything to its finest detail along the way, what to expect and all the trimmings on our wedding day. I am not one for public displays as they made me feel very nervous, I was calm but a little unsure how I would be on the day. Gwen explained to us to just be relaxed and enjoy the experience of the day.
The morning of our wedding i was picked up by taxi then taken to the hairdressers , he said he would be back to pick me up once i had my make up and hair styled. i was expecting a cool drive back in the airconditioned taxi, but instead luka the taxi driver arrived in a tuk tuk, this did make myself and maid of honourlaugh as we drove through the pebbled street