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Insert by kate & Sean – Malcesine captain’s palace

The wedding is over,

The party no more,

But wow what a do

On Lake Garda’s shores.

The first ever email

Was answered so fast,

We soon had a date

For the wedding – at last!

Gwen and her team

Got started right then,

Arrangements were made –

Who, where, what and when.

The Captain’s Palace

Was booked straight away,

With La Voglia reserved

To complete the whole day.

From flowers and music,

To make-up and hair do’s,

Everything so easy,

And straightforward too.

Arriving in Italy,

Our meeting was held,

Annabel showed us round

And really excelled!

We knew what to do,

And when to be where,

Who we should meet,

And how to get there.

The big day came round

And all were at ease,

The bride and the groom

Just happy and pleased.

Marriage all done,

And everyone concurred

It was the best wedding

That ever occurred.

A toast by the water,

A trip on a boat,

Prosecco on tap,

Got everyone’s vote!

The food at La Voglia,

Was simply divine,

And was accompanied by

Some very nice wine.

The party continued,

Into the night,

The DJ, the cake,

The pizza – just right!

A word has been used,

To describe the success

Of our wedding day,

That word is seamless.

It can really be said

That all of our guests,

Had the best time,

And were extremely impressed.

So thank you to all,

At Lake Garda Weddings,

For big anniversaries,

Guess where we’re heading 🙂