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Insert by Kelly & Glenn – Malcesine April

It’s been just over 2 weeks since our wedding on the 19 April and we just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Lake Garda team, Gwen Courtman and Andrea. For all the brides to be, booking lake garda weddings was the best decision you could make and you will love every minute. The team are so efficient leading up to the wedding and answering my many emails promptly you know everything is in hand. When we arrived in Lake Garda we had such a warm welcome from Gwen and Andrea they put us at ease. The hairdressers and make up artists are amazing, so much so I wish I could have flown them in for my UK party as it just wasn’t the same. You will have an unforgettable experience from when the Tuk Tuk picks you up (which I recommend you can’t beat it) to the moment you walk down the aisle, to the party in the evening. Our guests were amazed at the views and location and Gwen has captured this in her perfect pictures, stunning photos. The food doesn’t fail to impress either. The owners at La pace, Al Cervo and La Voglia were so friendly. We had a lovely welcome meal at Al Cervo where we got to meet the parrot and spoilt with limoncello! My guests thought the champagne toast at La Pace and dinner at La Voglia was the best food ever and my gluten free guest was so touched they had catered a special meal for her even making special bread. La Voglia’s service never faltered even when they had an unexpected powercut (first in 6 years!) you would have never known. Once again thank you to everyone at Lake Garda. Special thanks to Andrea and Gwen you made our wedding perfect and a day we will always remember xx Kelly and Glenn