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Insert by Kelly & Matthew – Malcesine (9/1/2013)

Hi Jac & the rest of the LGW ladies!

Apologies that it has taken us soo long to write to you guys to thank you for the most perfect day of our lives after our children being born! It truly was the most perfect day ever and we can’t quite believe 2 months has gone already!

We really did have the most magical day ever, from the thunderstorms the day before and my constant praying for it to be sunny, we woke up on the morning of our wedding to beautiful clear blue skies! I know though even if it had rained you would still have made sure that our day was still perfect!

We chose Lake Garda as I (Kelly) visited the area 10 years ago with my mam, sister and nanna, and when we decided to get married we always knew it would be abroad and not home, we just needed to choose a location! Lake Garda stuck out in my mind as an extremely beautiful place from my previous visit and I had to research the weddings there. Well when I came across LGW and the possibility of getting married in a castle I must admit I was sold before even contacting the LGW ladies. Once we did contact them though, they’re professionalism and efficient responses sold our dream wedding to us 100 %.

Our contact with the LGW ladies on the run up to our wedding was, well what seemed to us to easy, I stressed out soo much that I was forgetting stuff, but I wasn’t the LGW ladies just had it all under control and I couldn’t get over how easy it was becoming to plan a wedding abroad. I was sure once I arrived in Lake Garda for our wedding a million things i should have done that I hadn’t would occur, but as I was told on several occasions it was all under control!

Then came the big day and it was absolutely perfect! Beautiful clear blue skies, blazing sunshine and personally I truly felt like a princess for one day, Tizi truly is amazing with hair , I just wish i could have them to do my hair every day! Basically not to go on too much but the whole day was run perfectly by Jac, even when my hubbie was basically an emotional wreck at the castle and it was touch and go whether his body was going to make it through the ceremony, but thankfully he just about kept it together (such a drama queen lol). There was not a dry eye to be seen as the pianist played the most beautiful songs ever and i would highly recommend having it. Then through to the lakeside toast, the boat trip and finally La Voglia for the reception, it all added to the most magical wedding we could possibly have asked for and all the guests have said that it was the most romantic, beautiful wedding that they have ever been to!

We must thank Christian and his team in La Voglia for their tremendous 6 courses of food it was all stunning and for being such good hosts. All the guests couldn’t stop complimenting the food and the service matched! I would highly recommend anyone planning on getting married and having their reception in La Voglia to have the Live band they were brilliant and got everyone up dancing after what had been a long day getting married at 11am.

We would like to thank Gwen for her amazing photography throughout the day, we have soo many beautiful photos we don’t know what to do with them all! Trust Gwen she really knows what she is talking about and makes you feel at ease whilst doing something that doesn’t really come naturally to you!

Thankyou LGW ladies and we hope to see you all very soon.

Love and many thanks

Kelly & Matthew Coombs xx