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Insert by Kerry & Adam – Malcesine

Kerry and I have loved Italy since our first visit 8 years ago. So much so that when we initially got engaged we joked about getting married there. As such and on the recommendation of a friend, we took a day trip to Malcesine during our last holiday just to “have a nosey”. If this doesn’t sound too sentimental, it was love at first sight. Any jokes about getting married abroad were immediately dismissed and our minds were made up.

We returned to Malcesine a few days later to meet Lake Garda Weddings and knew then that this was the right decision. From that moment on they were fantastic. Getting married abroad can be quite daunting from a practical and legal perspective and yet their obvious experience, expertise, professionalism and accessibility made the whole process so simple. I am one of those people who likes to check and double check everything and as the girls at Lake Garda Weddings will attest, often send several e-mails on the same subject just to be sure. Despite my incessant pestering they were excellent, answering each one without hesitation. They always went the extra mile with their replies to put my mind at rest.

When we arrived in Malcesine we had our pre-wedding meeting with Andrea who immediately put us at ease walking through the day step by step. The day itself was faultless. We had a vision of the perfect wedding and it’s not over stating it to say that not only did it live up to this but it was, unquestionably better than we could possibly have hoped for. Andrea was brilliant co-ordinating the whole day, translating the service, accompanying us to the boat, meeting us at the other end, everything. Oh and not to mention she has stolen the hearts of at least two of our males guests!

Gwen is not just an excellent photographer but a genuinely lovely person. She was brilliantly professional and a calming influence and yet at the same time such good company that she felt like a close friend by the end of the day. We have taken away a CD with almost 700 pictures (talk about value for money!) and each one we’ve looked at has become our new favourite. We have a wedding album but the pictures are that good we’re struggling to narrow them down.

We chose La Voglia for our reception and once again can’t have wished for better. Christiano and his staff were excellent. They were professional, friendly and not to mention generous (giving us two bottles of Prosecco as a gift). The food was outstanding (our guests haven’t stopped raving about it since). The location is stunning. The views of the lake as you’re eating, especially with the sun setting, is something you would normally only dream about. As we stayed at Sporting Residence (another inspired choice) immediately next door, it was also perfect for stumbling home at the end of the evening.

Our guests were all absolutely enchanted with Malcesine, the castle, the restaurant, the lot. A number have already committed to returning next year with one couple talking very seriously about getting married there themselves.

The atmosphere in Malcesine is something quite unique. To walk through the cobbled streets in full wedding attire is something we felt a little self conscious about beforehand. That said everybody is so friendly. As we passed people were smiling, taking pictures, stopping to congratulate us, it was as if they were all our guests.

There are a million other things that we could and probably should mention but if I go on much longer people will stop reading. Put simply if you’re thinking about getting married in Italy choose Lake Garda, Choose Malcesine (although other venues are available of course) and choose Lake Garda Weddings to organise it. In fact stop thinking about it just book it. I promise it’ll be the best decision you ever make.