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Insert by Laura & Kevin – Malcesine August

Jac & Gwen,

Wondering where to start in thanking Lake Garda Weddings for the most perfect & special day of our lives. I don’t think there are enough thank you’s in the world that will show how grateful we are for the experience that we had. From the very start, LGW have been utterly amazing. No question was ever silly, ever too much, they replied so quickly and there was always somebody there to make you feel reassured.

I have a friend getting married in Cyprus next year and the wedding planners that she is using are a nightmare and when telling me of her bad experiences, I count myself so so lucky that LGW were so amazing and I feel sorry for my friend as when she asked if it was the same for me, I couldn’t make her feel better as my experience was faultless from the start.

Reputation is a huge factor that made us choose LGW. We had never been to Malcesine or Lake Garda before and we made the decision not to visit before our wedding. I know some people thought this to be foolish, but after seeing thousands of photos, reading thousands of reviews, we knew that there was no need. We are so so glad that we didn’t visit before the wedding as when we arrived, everything was so much more amazing and special seeing it for the first time. We knew it was going to be beautiful, but didn’t realise exactly how beautiful it was.

We were very lucky to have had so many guests attend our wedding and share our experience. Since returning, we have actually received thank you cards from our guests, who have fallen in love with Malcesine and commented on how amazing the day was, they’d never been to such a special wedding and they also commented on how fantastic the LGW team were. Jac organised our guests perfectly on the day, making sure everything and everyone was in place. She made us feel excited about our wedding & her reassuring smile on the day made me feel so confident. Gwen was amazing! So friendly & efficient. We were a bit worried about having lots of photos taken but she made it fun, easy and quick, allowing us to enjoy our day and not keep our guests waiting too long.

The tuk tuk was fab! Lucas was very comforting and even helped position my dress for photos. He also knew how special this time was for me, taking a moment to say how beautiful I looked, and to enjoy every moment with a reassuring hand on my cheek. It was wonderful to go through the cobbled streets feeling like a celebrity with people cheering & clapping as well as a musical street performer spontaneously playing ‘Here comes the bride.’ Magical. I also had my uncle at the wedding who is in a wheelchair at the wedding. LGW arranged for Lucas to pick up my uncle & aunt from their hotel & transport them to the wedding in the tuk tuk. This was a special moment for them, giving them that same feeling as we had driving through the streets. This just shows how amazing LGW are as they did not have to do this yet it was no trouble at all. I don’t think LGW quite realised how much this meant to my family.

The meal at La Voglia was literally the best food we have ever eaten and the one thing all of our guests commented on was how amazing the food was!! Christian and his team are fantastic and so good at what they do. The setting is perfect, the way the restaurant is set up is perfect, allowing guests to sit & enjoy the evening or dance the night away. We feel so lucky to have had our reception here as nowhere could have topped it!

I could go on and on about our day as it was the most perfect day of our lives. We asked ourselves how we could have topped the tuk tuk, the castle, the weather, the ice creams, lakeside reception, boat trip & la Voglia and we know that we simply couldn’t have. Getting married abroad is a big decision and a big risk but this decision was simply the best one we could have ever made. I want to thank LGW from the bottom of my heart for making our day more magical than we ever thought it would be. We will be returning to Malcesine as it will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Thank you
Laura & Kev