Hello Sara,

Thank you for such a lovely email, you’ve all been so lovely and helpful and we can never say thank you enough! You really made the whole experience of getting married such a joy and we could never have had such a fantastic wedding without you all! I’ve written some words below for you to share on your website for future couples:

It was clear from the start that we could have whatever we wanted and the ladies would do everything they could to organise it for us! The first email I sent to enquire about getting married in Italy, about 13 months before the big day, was met with a lovely response from Gwen who has always been so fast in answering our emails. We originally wanted to get married at the end of October but Gwen informed us that this is out of season in Lake Garda and mid-September was really the latest that we could do it. I really appreciated this honesty as we would not have had much fun with our guests if nothing was open in Malcesine!! So we secured a date of 26th August and paid the deposit, and got the ball rolling from there! All options for flowers, restaurants etc were sent through to us in plenty of time and we felt really supported with getting our documents in order and ready for the deadline. I will say that this was the most stressful part of the experience, and even that wasn’t particularly stressful; it’s more the worry that something might go wrong or get lost in the mail, which thankfully it didn’t!

We decided to marry at 5pm, mostly because I have been to some really long weddings before (up at 6am, bed at 3am!!) and didn’t want mine to be like that, also because of the heat in the day in August. I would really recommend a 5pm wedding as my wedding day was so chilled!! I was sitting by the pool with my mum, mum in law and bridesmaids all morning and then went for hair and makeup around 12.45pm, a spot of lunch and then got dressed ready for 4.30pm. My hubby even went paddle boarding on the morning of our wedding- not many people can say that!! Everyone we were involved with- the florist, the ladies at the salon, the tuk tuk driver, the restaurant owner, were all absolutely lovely to us and made us feel like we were special and not like they do this multiple times a day!!

Getting the tuk tuk with my dad to the ceremony was a real highlight- it just gets you so excited and everyone claps and waves to you through the streets! Gwen took some photos of me beforehand and really put me at ease- she’s really relaxed and funny, not formal, which I loved as it kept me calm! We had a violinist and pianist at the ceremony and the music was such a highlight- we chose all songs that were not on the pre-approved list sent by the ladies, but there were no issues at all and they played just beautifully! The ceremony is only half an hour long but this is a good length- especially if your wedding is in the daytime as your guests aren’t in the shade so wouldn’t want to be sitting there for too long!! When the music was playing in between the formal bits my hubby and I were sitting chatting, having a little wave to our guests… it was so relaxed and everyone looked really engaged in proceedings. After the ceremony we had photos (which are AMAZING and were ready for us the very next morning on facebook!!) and then hubby and me got in the tuk tuk for the boat ride and to have my first prosecco as a married lady! I’m so glad we took the boat trip as it’s very different and the views are stunning!

The meal at Al Corsaro was fab- we had our own little area at the back, even though we didn’t have exclusive use of the restaurant. My dad did his speech which the whole restaurant listened to and laughed along, even joining in the applause at the end! The food was out of this world amazing and there was so much of it!! The wine and prosecco was flowing and time absolutely flew! Everyone kept on saying how beautiful and amazing it was and I’ve got to say I agree with them!! We went to bar Oasi afterwards for a few drinks with some of our guests and made our way home around 2am.

The day was exactly what we wanted- close friends and family, in the sun, eating and drinking and having a wonderful time! The LGW ladies were amazing throughout- they have so many weddings to organise yet they never flap, are calm and lovely the entire time and make you feel as if nothing is too much to ask. Sara stayed with us until around the third course (there were 6 courses) at the restaurant and throughout the whole event she was so good at organising our guests, making sure everyone knew what to do and ensuring that Damian and I always had a beverage! I really cannot speak highly enough of her and of all the ladies who replied to our emails promptly, answered our daft questions and made suggestions to ensure we had the best day possible. It was completely stress free because of them and for that I will always be grateful!

I will certainly be visiting your offices when we return next year for our 1 year anniversary!!

Thank you Sara and ladies!

Love Lucy and Damian Bray xxx