Well what can we say about Lake garda weddings that hasn’t been said many times already except, WOW, WOW, WOW, AMAZING, AMAZING AMAZING.

To be honest you can’t describe this magical day in words, you need to live the day for yourself in the safe hands of all the team at Lake Garda Weddings, Gwen, Sara, Annabel and Deborah.

We first visited the beautiful town of Malcesine 9 years ago and fell in love with the place, I said then that if we ever decided to get married I would love to marry there.

We got engaged in April 2015 and I started our wedding planning, I knew I wanted to get married in Italy so had a look on-line and made enquires through another wedding company, the woman wasn’t very organised and couldn’t give me a wedding package, her advice was book the castle and take it from there, this put me off the whole Italian wedding until by chance I was in my personal e-mail folder and came across an e-mail from Gwen with all the Lake Garda Weddings information, I had forgotten that I had requested information the previous year, finding this e-mail was the best thing ever.

I contacted Gwen who talked me through what I needed to do to put our wedding in motion.

We got the castle booked for 25th May 2016 and had a year to wait until our big day.

I sent endless amounts of e-mails which were all answered promptly and never once was I made to feel silly for some of the stuff I was asking.

We decided to go over to Malcesine last October to do a reccy, Stephen wasn’t comfortable booking everything through e-mails and wanted to see La Voglia. The ladies were happy to meet with us and this was when we met the lovely Annabel, she put our minds at ease and we now knew for sure we were in safe hands. She walked us round to the hairdressers, then onto the castle all the while explaining everything that would happen, we had visited the castle on previous visits but on this visit it was more special as we knew this was were our wedding would be. Annabel then took us down to the lakeside and then onto the harbour to show us were we would get our boat. We could only dream at this point at how wonderful our day would be. We then walked along the lakeside round to Val di Sogno and fell in love all over again, any doubts Stephen had regarding booking this for our wedding venue were put aside, we both could not believe the beauty of this place, unfortunately the restaurant was closed so we could only look from the outside but nothing could have changed our mind about booking this beautiful place.

We arrived in Malcesine on Friday 20th May, we had our welcome meeting on the Monday were we met the lovely Sara, again Sara took us to the town hall to do the legal paperwork and then we did the same tour of the castle, lakeside toast, harbour for boat, florist while she explained everything again that would happen. She arranged my hair trial for the Tuesday and had no problem coming with me.

Finally our magical amazing day arrived, off to the hairdressers I go with the biggest smile, sun was shining and I was marrying my best friend in a few hours. Gwen arrived at the hotel with my flowers, I spoke to her about the photos saying I didn’t like my photos being taken but she made me feel so at ease that it all came naturally and I had fun. Luca arrived with my tuk tuk and off we went, back to hairdressers and through the town to the castle, I had a few moments of happy tears, Gwen calmed me down couple times especially through ceremony when I started crying, she had me laughing within seconds. We had such fun with Gwen having all our pictures taken, we love them all, even though it was fun everything was very professional from start to finish. Sara was with us the whole time, when Annabel told us last October that we wouldn’t need to worry about a thing and on the day they would be with us and would guide everyone along the way and that’s exactly what Sara did, Stephen and I didn’t have anyone asking us questions or stressing us us, we were able to relax and enjoy this wonderful day. We felt like royalty the locals and tourists were clapping and cheering all through the town, and as previous brides have said, the ladies treat you like you are their only wedding even though they deal with lots of weddings.

We are truly blessed to have met all the lovely ladies at Lake Garda Weddings, we now look at you all as our friends, we cannot thank you enough for everything you did to give us this unforgettable magical day, we loved every single minute off it and so did all our guests. Some of my guests were a bit unsure about us getting married in Italy, couple of them actually asked why we would want to stress ourselves out getting married there, they are now eating their words, everyone said they have never ever been to a wedding like it and don’t know how they will be able to enjoy any other wedding now they had experienced this truly wonderful day. Malcesine now holds a place in their hearts too. We wouldn’t have been able to have this day without you ladies.

Future brides, you have made the right choice booking your wedding with LGW, you honestly couldn’t be in better hands. Enjoy the build up to your day and let the ladies do what they do best and plan your magical wedding day that you dream off.

I now feel like a past bride stalker haha, We wish we could rewind and do it all again.

We honestly can’t say enough thank you’s to the team at LGW, this is a day we will never forget

Macky and Stephen