Hi Gwen and the girls,

Just wanted to say from the Groom and on behalf of his wife and the rest of our party a huge great big THANK YOU , (big enough font ?, thanks Annabel) for making our day so, so special. An amazing experience, and made all the more special by having a very professional team that made it run so smooth. At no point throughout the whole day, (even when the music decided to go on holiday) did I ever feel that it was never under control, not well constructed, not well rehearsed and a bit, “well what happens next ?”. Everything ran so perfect. A dream like experience in a magical location. And a not bad working environment either, fancy swapping ?

Both Maddy and me had a wedding to remember and talk about for years to come, (including the getting back to the hotel on our wedding night and spending the night on the roof terrace under the stars). I think Casa Barca are missing a trick there, maybe having a four poster bed up there would be a good idea. I should have mentioned it to Claudia. You know, just in case ????? J please say hi to him the next time one of you bump into him, he also made it a very special occasion.

The CD’s are fantastic, it was the first time Maddy and me have seen all the pictures today, Gwen you are incredible. Some truly brilliant, jaw dropping shots. So, so good !

We are also putting your name about to all our friends thinking of getting married and also Claudia’s hotel for those looking for a holiday break. Amazing place, amazing people.

Thank you. Hopefully see you all in years to come.


Can’t thank you enough. You are incredible in keeping control over our party. Making sure the schedule ran to the minute. Keeping me calm when things started to get a little too hot, (and not from the sun but from when the music gave up). One cool girl, thank you. Gwen, “a pay rise please” !

Will definitely be seeing you all again and soon hopefully.

Much love to you all.

Mr & Mrs Paul and Maddy Gregory.