nsert by Meg & Matt – Malcesine

Thank you so much for giving us and our guests such a smooth, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable day. Annabel was absolutely fantastic – the whole day went like clockwork because of her brilliant care and she was amazing, right from topping up glasses throughout the actual wedding day, to telling restaurant staff to look after us when we bumped into her around town after it!

From our very first email to LGW (feels like about a million ago!!) we felt that we were in safe, attentive, expert hands and we were entirely confident that our day would be perfect. It was. Absolutely everything had been thought of and I was not even remotely stressed or worried on the day – we both completely enjoyed ourselves and were smiling throughout, thanks to your brilliant care.

The photography on the day was excellent – Gwen was so chatty and natural that we felt really comfortable, and it shows in the photos we have come away with – we have 600 amazing shots of the day and we love them!

The day you organised for us was better than anything we could have imagined – the ceremony was stunning (and not stuffy or serious – there is video evidence of us cracking up RE Toad of Toad Hall). We loved the tuk tuk and driver, that made the day extra special, and the champagne toast at La Pace was so much better than we had hoped. Our boat trip was beautiful, and our evening dinner was ridiculously good – La Pace and Mohammed were just fantastic!

Our guests raved about the whole day and everyone there had such a good time thanks to you ladies.