To the LGW team…

It’s us again – “Nicole & Lee 1st June 2014”, that’s probably the last time I will have that title in my emails subject header, it will however always remain my favourite subject.

That is pretty much the way our relationship with LGW started and over an 18 month period of emails and planning, the day arrived and it was in true cliché style “the best day of our lives”.

. Nothing was looked upon as hard work and we felt so comfortable that by DDay several people commented on how calm I was, I spent most of the ceremony laughing as I was just taking it all in without a care in the world  so thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Some of the helpful tips and hints we found throughout the planning…

The facebook page is without doubt the key to everything. Use it and abuse it and your day will be perfect!

Hair & Make Up – They really do know what they are doing, Tiziana the hairdresser did my hair to my exact word in the trial and it looked awful, absolutely NOTHING to do with her, the style I had chosen just did not suit my face, we worked together and she got it so spot on when I left it in her capable hands, she even pulled me in off the street the day before my wedding as I had walked past and sat me down in her chair to try a style that she had been thinking of overnight, that is dedication. I have NEVER had so many wonderful comments on my hair and make-up. If you’re undecided, don’t be they are complete professionals and genuinely lovely ladies.

The Boat Trip added the extra glamour and the guests were in awe of their surroundings as we took a short tour around the lake.

La Voglia was our chosen restaurant and it’s a bloody great reception venue, there is so much space to dance, hang out and socialise away from the tables. Crisitian and his staff are truly remarkable and their food exquisite. The 6 courses we chose were devoured and then some with amazing reviews from the guests. The DJ was equally great and really knew how to work the crowd, there was never an empty dance floor from the moment the music started.

We knew in our heads that if everything went to plan then the day would be pretty special but we can honestly say that we had no idea just how special it would turn out to be. We still cannot articulate or even quite believe the day we had. There are just no words to describe the joy we and our family and friends (all 67 of us) had on the 1st June. I’m not sure we ever will.

LGW are true artists in wedding planning and we thank you for that.

All our love

Nicole & Lee – Sunday 1st June 2014 (I just had to write it one more time).