Hey Annabel,
Sorry this email has taken so long! We’ve been a wedding whirlwind since being back from Malcesine. We had our uk reception Friday which brought an end to our wedding. Everybody keeps asking if I have wedding blues but honestly I don’t… What’s there to be sad about? Iv had the wedding of my dreams!
Our hotel, the lake, the town, the people were just all so much better than id imagined.
Malcesine is defiantly a bucket list destination I just can’t portray its beauty enough to friends at home.
How lucky are you guys, living in paradise!
Annabel, you and the rest of your lovely team have made this possible with such ease.peple ask how I found you and I do t actually know… It must have been fate! After13 years together/waiting I deserved the best 😜 And you defiantly got it for me.
Thankyou for always replying to my random emails, easing my worries and prompting my need to get things moving in the months that led up to our big day. You really do make things so simple and are so “on it” 👌����
Loved everything I booked,
Florist, so helpful
Hair and makeup, beautiful and fab service
Tuk Tuk, was so fun
Ceremony, breathtaking
String quartet, perfect
Photos, I’m in love with every single one (Gwen is amazing)
Boat trip, one of my favourite parts of the day (gave everybody time to chill, cool down and giggle lots)
Train, made Ruben’s life!
Al Cervo, the best food Iv ever tasted & service was fantastic
Thankyou, Thankyou, thankyou
We will back X