To Sara & Gwen & of course the LGW ladies,

Thank you so much for making our wedding a special and easy day. Easy is a bit of an odd word to use, but it really was! EVERYTHING was so carefully thought out and organised that it didn’t give me chance to worry, not from the rain/storms to the bright sunshine. I had Gwen and Sara by my side to make sure I was laughing and to remind me how wonderful the day was regardless of any puddles my dress was walked through. From the first meeting with Sara we knew we had made the right decision, she instantly had us giggling and quickly explained to us the legal part of things along with the fun boat trip/lake side toast. I can’t compliment Sara enough, honestly I felt like by the end she was a friend as she just understood what I was thinking- especially about my Grandma’s shoes and helped me not worry about where my guests where and if they’d be somewhere on time. She also looked after my husband Joe, for which she deserves a medal.

Gwen’s photographs were perfect, when I arrived in Malcesine she instantly started snapping and about 10 mins into pictures asked me if we could move the ceremony earlier so we could get out on the terrace before it poured it down. In these 10 minutes she got some incredibly wonderful shots and I’m so thankful for them. These ladies are another level, they predicted the timings perfectly. Having pushed the ceremony 15 mins earlier we completely bypassed a huge downpour of rain and managed to have my dream terrace wedding. Gwen called us all inside the castle whilst the rain cloud came over and about 20 minutes later bright sunshine !! Amazing! From this moment on the day is a bit of a blur- some beautiful photographs at the Captain’s Palace, an amazing Lake Side toast, a wonderful boat trip and of course a delectable meal at La Voglia.

I think for me, it was the personal service the ladies approached the whole thing with. I never felt like I was just another wedding, everything was special and yes at times a little overwhelming. However, when I worried, or had a question they were always at the other side of an email to calm me down. The personal service went right through to the wedding, where my parents even commented on how Sara knew her name and the whole wedding party. Gwen was no different and even nicknamed my Maid of Honour ‘Fluffy’ purely due to the amount of tears she was exuding uncontrollably. Looking through the 1001 photographs Gwen gave me, every tear is captured (thanks Gwen!) the same is to be said for my husband and his silly ways as he is terrible relaxing in front of a camera. Gwen quickly grasped his personality and managed to get me some beautiful couply photographs along with some humorous ones (do I recall Joe with a veil around his head?)

So thank you so much to you all, we have memories for a life time and can’t wait to return to Malcesine!

Violet & Joseph Glenton