We hope you enjoy looking at the photos from the wedding of Sam and Ant in Summer 2018 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda.

Sam & Ant, Night time wedding photos
Tailor-made wedding planners in Malcesine Castle
Sam & Ant - Walking back down the aisle
Sam & Ant - What a view.
Sam & Ant - Beautiful and romantic Malcesine
Sam & Ant - Bubbles
Wedding in Malcesine Castle, Italy
Sam & Ant - On top of the world
Sam & Ant - More bubble blowing
Sam & Ant - Having a moment in Malcesine.
Sam and Ant, perfume
Fairytale wedding planners in Malcesine
Sam & Ant -  The dip
Sam & Ant -  Lakeside evening photos
Sam & Ant -  Sam all ready to go and get married
Sam & Ant - Stripes
Sam & Ant -  Lighting the sparklers
Sam and Ant, pre wedding photos
Sam & Ant - Stripes and the couple
Sam & Ant - - The ceremony
Sam & Ant - The wedding terrace with guests
Sam & Ant -  Ant, so very happy.
Sam & Ant -  Sparklers