We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the wedding of Stacey and Shaun that took place in spring 2019 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy.

Photos by Gwen Courtman

Beautiful, romantic weddings on Lake Garda.
Lake Garda fun on the beach.
Lake Garda fun with bubbles on the beach
Champagne on the beach on Lake Garda
Beautiful Stacy on Lake Garda Beach
Stunning Bridal Couple on the beach
Unique wedding photography on Malcesine Beach
Lake Garda through the trees bride and groom
Beautiful Bride and bridesmaids on pier in Lake Garda
Beautiful stormy day on Lake Garda
Stacy and Shaun leaving Malcesine Castle
Stacy & Shaun in Malcesine Castle photoshoot
Stacy, best day ever in Malcesine  Castle
Stacy & Shaun, stunning images in Malcesine Castle
Malcesine Castle Balcony with Stacy & Shaun
Stacy & Shaun on Malcesine Castle Balcony
Stacy & Shaun, one of a kind wedding photography
Stacy & Shaun - one of a kind wedding venue in Italy
Stacy & Shaun - one of a kind wedding venue on Lake Garda
Stacy & Shaun - one of a kind wedding venue in Europe