The Finishing Touches

The Finishing Touches

We do not package weddings in anyway at all.

Although we do have locations and styles that we use more than others you have full choice of the restaurant, flowers, music, musicians, transport, cake and timings throughout the day.

Please find a list of the extra services that we recommend.

Ceremony Music

We recommend a violin and piano during the ceremony or a string quartet.
These instruments create a great atmosphere for your wedding.

Reception Music

If you have a large group and have exclusivity in the restaurant we are able to arrange music during and after your meal.
We work with a duet band who play at very well known venues in the area. They play a mixture of music, old and new, Italian & English.

Their play list includes:
Elton John, Queen, Oasis, Elvis, Micheal Buble, Beach Boys, Bill Haley, Robbie Williams, Rolling Stones, U2, Brian Adams, Blue, Europe, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hendrix, Simple Minds, The Doors, Dire Straits, Craig David, Lenny Kravitz, Bob Marley, Prince. And many many more songs.

We also offer a DJ, DJ & Sax combination, live music & Sax and more.


Flowers add a special touch to every wedding, so it is important to find the perfect ones for your celebration.
You probably have a good idea of the type of flowers that you want for your wedding.

The trick is to express yourself in a way that the florist understands exactly what you are looking for.
For this reason we suggest you send in a photo or design of the bouquet and decorations that you are looking for and we will pass these on to our florist for you.

We can arrange bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, button holes, wrist and bag corsages, flowers for the ceremony room, the car and the reception.

Wedding Cakes

Italians do not have a fruit cake like the traditional British cake, but instead you may have a choice of cakes.
The usual Italian wedding cake is a sponge cake that has a layer of puff pastry, chocolate chips and cream.
This is usually decorated with a hard glace icing. You may however choose any type of cake (chocolate, fruits of the forest, strawberry, etc) Please bear in mind that fresh fruit cakes and chocolate cakes are not ideal in Italy in the summer months.
Cakes can be served on one oblong platter or layered depending on the style and size of cake.

Champagne Boat Trip

Why not celebrate in style and have a champagne boat trip on Lake Garda after the ceremony.

Champagne toast by the lakeside

We can offer a champagne toast by the water’s edge. This gives your clients a chance to mingle and relax before you go on to the wedding reception.

Champagne Toast in the castle

Malcesine Castle Grounds can be hired for an extra two hours to allow you to have Italian champagne and canapès whilst your photos are being taken.
This is only for guests who marry in Malcesine Castle.
If you wish you can pay the musicians to stay for an extra period of time to play during the champagne toast.

Boat Trip for 2

Want to have a few minutes on your own after the ceremony. Why not have a boat trip for just the two of you around the bay.


Our photographer is British and specializes in wedding and portrait photography.
Her style is a mix of formal and contemporary journalistic style.
She aims to ‘capture the moment’. We suggest you let us know what you are looking for (all formal, all journalistic, all posed, mixture of all, etc,) and this will be arranged. We also work with an Italian photographer who specializes in wedding photography whose style is mainly formal.
All the photographs on our web site and further information have been taken by our British photographer, Gwen Courtman.
Gwen will only photograph foreign weddings booked through Lake Garda Weddings.

Wedding reception

We work with a selection of restaurants that have been hand picked. Once we know exactly what you are looking for we will suggest a restaurant that will suit you.
You need to let us know what you have in mind, i.e. elegant, rustic, informal or formal, hilltop or lakeside, expensive or budget and we will then supply you with menus and descriptions.

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