Bridal & Couple Leaving Lazise town hall happy bubbles
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Judy & Roger

Bridal & Couple Leaving Lazise town hall happy bubbles

We hope you enjoy looking through a selection of photos from the wedding of Judy and Roger in Lazise in July 2019. It was a so lovely to arrange a wedding in this wonderful village.

The couple stayed in a fabulous apartment next to the town hall which had views over the whole of Lazise and the south of Lake Garda. After 25 years together Judy and Roger finally married.

It was an intimate wedding with just immediate family and close friends.

This image shows bubble blowing at the town hall exit.

Roger met the guests outside the Town Hall gates, whilst Judy finished getting ready with her daughter. Then, Judy walked to the town hall where she met the photographer, Gwen Courtman, before heading up to the ceremony.

The wedding was a civil ceremony and all of the guests were gathered round the table to view the wedding. After the wedding, Judy and Roger went outside onto the balcony whilst the guests blew bubbles at them from below.

Lazise is one of Lake Garda most picturesque villages. Sitting on the eastern shore, it has a beautiful waterfront and a medieval historic center, full of shops, ice cream shops and pastel buildings that resembles a town on the Riviera.

Picturesque, beautiful waterfront piazza, nice shops, pastel buildings on the shore resembles the Riviera. The port was once important during the dominion of the Venetian Republic. The arched stone building at the port was once the Dogana Veneta, the Venetian Customs House that controlled commerce on Lake Garda. Today it houses an art gallery and hosts summer classical musical concerts.

Location: Lasize.