The Perfect Italian Wedding on Lake Garda.

Tracy on the way to the wedding by a pink wall.
Lisa, twice the chilled out bride.
Lisa and Josh, on Malcesine Jetty, Photos by the beach.
Close up love, Lisa and Josh, Malcesine Castle.
Malcesine Archway with bride.
La sposa guarda il suo Castello di Malcesine
Laillinen avioliitto Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Malcesine
Lailliset häät Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Malcesine Castle
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Garda
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa,Lazise
smuk brud i Italien, Malcesine Castle.
Sublime wedding photography and planners in Malcesine
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Uforglemmelige bryllupper i Italien, Torri del Benaco.
De bedste bryllupper ved Gardasøen.
Amazing wedding photography in Italy. Hotel Majestic
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Emma and Darren chose a breezy day to marry in Italy.
Sam and Steve, in love in Malcesine Castle
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Superb groom.  Weddings in Malcesine, Italy
Malcesine Castle, The wedding in Italy.
kaunis morsian Italiassa, Lazise
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Beautiful light Malcesine Castle Evening.
iltapäivä häät Malcesinessa
Il balcone del Castello di Malcesine e i suoi sposi
Unohtumattomat häät Italiassa, Torri del Benaco Castle
Laillinen avioliitto Italiassa, Malcesine
Laillinen avioliitto Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Torri
Lailliset häät Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Garda
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa, Malcesine Castle
Bryllupsplanlæggere ved Gardasøen
smuk brud i Italien, Malcesine Castle. Italien.
glade bryllupper i Italien
Romantiske bryllupper i Italien, Malcesine
Uforglemmelige bryllupper i Italien
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De bedste bryllupper i Italien, Torri del Benaco
De bedste bryllupper ved Gardasøen, Italien.
 Emma & Darren under the chandelier in Malcesine
Sam in a lovely doorway on the way to the wedding.
Meredith and her Father before the wedding
Meredith, her mum and a friend.
Captain's Palace entrance hall, Malcesine
Kim & Gareth wedding Malcesine Castle, Fun photos Italy
Sam and Steve walking around Malcesine
Lisa and Josh, romantic evening photos, Malcesine
Stunning Lisa before her wedding, Malcesine Castle
Malcesinen linna hääterassi
Romantico abito della sposa del Castello di Malcesine
Romanticismo nel Castello di Malcesine
Unohtumattomat häät Italiassa, Garda
Laillinen avioliitto Italiassa, Garda
Laillinen avioliitto Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Bardolino
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa, Gardajärvi
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa, Gardajärvi, Lazise
Ei-uskonnolliset häät Italiassa, Malcesine
Romantiske bryllupper i Italien
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Emma was a bit windswept
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Tracey and Paul in Malcesine
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Superb, happy couple in the blue fiat 500 Malcesine
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Spraying the camera with bubbles