Lake Garda Weddings
Bride and Groom by Lazise Church
Stripey lines and curves on Lake Garda, Lazise
Lazise vines and grapes
Wedding in Lazise Town Hall
Groom by Jasmin Tree in Lazise
Love, stripes and curves on Lake Garda.
Under the grapevines in Lazise
Getting married in Lazise
Bridal & Couple Leaving Lazise town hall happy bubbles
Bride and Groom in Lazise Old Town, Lake Garda
Private gardens in Lasize with turrets in the back
Lazise Bubble blowing wedding
Bride and Groom by Jasmin Tree, Lazise, Italy.
Lazise Town Hall Weddings
Lazise castle, Lake Garda
Leaving Lazise town hall.
Prodigious Weddings on Lake Garda in Lazise
Lazise Town Hall, Lake Garda
Lazise Lake Front stripes and curves-
Lazise Lake Front
Rooftop terrace in Lazise.
Bridal & Couple Leaving Lazise town hall.
Lazise Old Town, Lake Garda
Olive groves by Lazise Church, Italy
Bridal & Couple Romance in Lazise
laid Back weddings in Lazise. Hochzeit am Gardasee
The bride and groom on the roof top in Lazise
Bridal & Couple Leaving Lazise town hall to bubbles
Lazise Turrets in the background. Lake Garda, Italy
Kissing on the stripes and lines in Lazise
Lazise, a beautiful lakeside town on Lake Garda
Wondrous weddings in Lazise

Selection of wedding photographs from the wedding of Judy & Roger in July in Lazise, Lake Garda. They stayed in an amazing apartment with fantastic views over Lake Garda. photos by Gwen Courtman