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Suzanne & Matthew

I would just like to start by saying that it's hard to say anything that hasn't already been said multiple times over! The ladies at lake Garda weddings are absolutely incredible and they contributed hugely to one of the best days of our lives ( we have 2 kids so we are not allowed to call it our best day 😂).

We first started planning our wedding back in January 2020 and just weeks after we booked, COVID and lockdown all started! Not to worry we thought, our wedding wasn't planned until 20/08/22! A few weeks before the wedding we inevitably had to postpone and we felt awful telling the LGW ladies but they were very considerate and understanding and agreed to change our date to the 24/07/22.

The build up was a bit more fun this time as we were convinced it would go ahead. The LGW ladies were brilliant at answering emails and any questions we had regarding the day so everything was fully planned without us having to even do that much, it was relatively stress free from our end. Once we arrived in Italy we had a meeting with Deborah a few days before the big day, we visited the florist, hair dressers, the town hall and the castle and Deborah went through absolutely everything that would happen on the day and answered any other questions we had.

The day after we had a meeting with Cristian at La Voglia. He also went through everything that would happen at the meal and made sure we were happy with everything, the view from the restaurant was incredible! On to the big day! It could not have been any more magical! It honestly was an incredible day from start to finish, I'm not sure there's anything the LGW ladies or la voglia could have done to make it any more special. The ceremony on the castle was incredible! The only slight down side was the 40°c heat but the ladies at LGW can't control that 😂. The view from the terrace is absolutely breathtaking, it really is incredible! We had the string quartet playing, the most incredible view possible and then we were married! We then had photos with Gwen, she got some amazing shots and the turn around for the pics in just a few days was incredible! We absolutely love them. We then got the tuk tuk down to the harbour and were made to feel like royalty from the whole town, everyone in the packed bars and restaurants was cheering and clapping us and wishing us well, it really was overwhelming!

Then the boat to la voglia, the breeze made this boat trip so nice as it was a bit of respite from the heat. Once at the restaurant, we had a few more photos while our guests were given drinks and canapes, then we came in for some ourselves. Next was the food and wow! The food at la voglia is out of this world, we had the 6 course option and every course seemed better than the last, 10/10 definitely for the food! We then had the DJ and sax for the evening entertainment and again, he was absolutely faultless, brilliant mix of him playing the sax and DJing, our guests loved him, definitely worth hiring if you haven't yet had your wedding! We had cake and pizza at the restaurant in the evening but people were still full from the meal earlier so even though it was incredible, a lot got wasted.

Deborah stayed with us in the background until the early evening and literally did anything we needed, I honestly cannot speak highly enough of Annabel, Deborah and Gwen, they are absolute experts at what they do and I'm so glad we asked them to arrange our big day. Overall, It seems like everyone has great things only to say in the reviews but we genuinely couldn't fault anything. A lot of our guests told us that it was 'One of the best days ever' or 'the beat wedding they have been too' and it's true, we just wish we could do it all over again.

If we had to give a tip it would be to definitely get the videographer too, it's so nice to watch the footage back of the day even only a few month on, definitely do it! Finally, a huge thankyou to Annabel, Deborah and Gwen for everything you did for us, we will be back in a few years and definitely pop in and say hi. If you are yet to book LGW as your planners, believe me, do it! I promise you will not regret it and they will do everything to make your day exactly what you want it to be, and more!