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Sam & Ash - 2017
Hi Ladies

Sorry it has taken so long for us to reply, I feel like our feet haven’t touched the ground since we got back. I can’t believe how quickly the weeks have gone by, it still only feels like yesterday we were stood on the top of the castle.
Thank you so much for everything!! We were so excited for the wedding, from all the correspondence we had with you looking at your website and reading all the reviews, we had every confidence that it would go perfectly but it far exceeded our expectations. It was such a magical day, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. You and Gwen were like a military operation, everything was seamless. Having a wedding spread across a town could have been a logistical nightmare when there was so much prosecco involved but you kept us all together and we didn’t lose anybody along the way. We loved having you there throughout the day too it was great that you were always on hand (especially when I just needed a cup of tea and a break from food!) but you also felt like you were part of our party.
Every detail was fantastic, the flowers were beautiful. Apparently some of the flowers are being pressed as Jan (Ash’s mum) took them home in the car, keeping them in sinks and bidet’s in their hotels as they traveled back! We loved our hair and make up, the ladies in the salon were lovely too. The lakeside buffet was amazing, people are still commenting about how much drink there was and decided they needed to pace themselves to make it through the day. The boat ride was brilliant, we felt like celebrities cruising around but it was also a great opportunity to cool down from the heat. The food at La Voglia was AMAZING, Ash may have gone a little overboard when we decided to go for a 8 course meal but it was worth it. I am still gutted I missed the beef and desert as I had my migraine but everyone still tells me that it was the best meal they have had. The magical cup of tea saved the day for me and I managed to dance the night away.
Gwen was great with the photos, she instantly put me at ease and made it enjoyable to have my photo taken. We had a proper look through the photos with family the other day and they are beautiful, we love our cheesy pics (Ash wanted these!) but I am grateful we have some sensible pretty pics too. Ash was under strict instructions from his Nan to have some ‘nice’ ones where he isn’t pulling a funny face.
Our friends and family really enjoyed the day, we packed so much in but it was really relaxed. Adam (the giraffe) and his fiancé, Grace are getting married next year, I think they are annoyed we have set the bar so high that they don’t know how they can top getting married in a castle, cruising round a lake, ice cream and so much food and drink.
We cannot thank you enough for everything, we are already hoping to come back next year for our anniversary so we will pop in to say hello.
I hope all is well with you and Gwen, enjoy your quieter time of the year now the crazy wedding season is coming to an end.
All the best
Sam & Ash xxx