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Elaine & Steve - 2017

From start to finish our experience with Lake Garda Weddings has been one we will never forget.

We visited Malcesine in November when everything was closed for the winter. Gwen advised us not to go at that time of year but we wanted to be sure it was the right location for our wedding, as soon as we saw Malcesine we fell in love with the place. If it can look that beautiful in the winter, we could imagine what it would be like in the spring/summer and it didn't fail us. The town, the people the scenery is absolutely spectacular, one we will never tire of and will be in our hearts forever.

Whilst making our decisions the LGW ladies have been very supportive,

responding quickly to emails - ending them with 'have a lovely day' (I really like that, made me relax and not stress about it all)

reassuring when things don't go they way they are hoped - ie. Document panic
Patient, when the last minute panic sets in and you doubt all the decisions you have made

As we walked into the office for our Welcome meeting there was an air of excitement and enthusiasm in the room as soon as we opened the door, it was as if the ladies had just been sat there waiting for us. Annabel showed us around, after spending half an hour with her we both felt like we had known her for years. Annabel came to the rescue without prompting when Steve went missing with his mum & dad on the way to Al Cervo at 8.30pm (long after work had finished). Whenever we needed someone to calm us down, Annabel, with her smiling and friendly face just seemed to appear, for that we are so greatful.

The wedding was amazing!! We had smiles from ear to ear all day. There is not one thing we would change about our perfect day, and now we have the stunning photographs Gwen took to remind us of just how perfect the day was. Choosing a favourite is very difficult as they are all stunning. We would like to say a big thank you Gwen for making the photographs fun with lots of joking about to help us relax, which certainly worked. It is the first wedding we have ever been too, where we can honestly say the wedding party enjoyed having their photographs taken.

La Voglia wedding reception - Stunning surroundings, Stunning food and a perfect host Christian. Nothing was too much trouble, can't wait to go back again next year.

Would we recommend Lake Garda Weddings? - YES ABSOLUTELY !!

We are sad that our journey has come to an end as it felt like we had communication with friends rather than a business. We will be back next year to celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary and will pop into to see you all then.

Thank you so much from all our wedding party, for making ours/their day so unbelievable and good luck with all future weddings.

Lots of Love

Elaine & Steve - Mr & Mrs Dickson