Lake Garda Weddings

Writing something for the 'guestbook' seems very strange- it feels as though Malcesine is home because the people there and everybody at Lake Garda Weddings make you feel like family- whether it is answering email after email, reassuring you when something isn't clear, laughing with you at your attempts at flower arranging or generally just being around when you need them.

Deciding to get married in Malcesine and letting Lake Garda Weddings plan it means that your wedding doesn't turn into what people tell you it will. I remember when we first got engaged that we were told it would all be stressful, we wouldn't see each other and that there would generally be no fun. Our wedding was the complete opposite of that! As a person who worries 99% of the time about everything, I can genuinely say that I was in no way worried about the wedding- in fact we both smiled all day! That was purely down to everyone in the office in the build up and planning stage, Gwen making us feel like supermodels with the photography and because of Sara.

Sara first showed us around the wedding and reception venues in 2016. She knew everything and knew all of the suppliers and helped us to feel at home in Malcesine. I remember her advising me to have my hair up and thinking 'No way! I never have my hair up!'. I had my hair up. It was perfect. The main piece of advice that I have to future couples is this- listen to the advice. In some magical way, Sara, Gwen and the others get to know you and understand what will be required to make your day even better than you can imagine.

So- don't worry about suppliers, logistics, paperwork or anything else for that matter. The people who work at Lake Garda Weddings and the suppliers that work with them are all dedicated and talented people that all care genuinely about the vows that you will be making that day and therefore go above and beyond to make it magical, special and fun.

We cannot thank you all enough. Much love. See you sooner than you think.

Mr & Mrs Davis xxx