Lake Garda Weddings

Good morning Ladies!

Sorry I meant to write sooner but married life has been hectic thus far! I just wanted to send you a few thoughts of ours ...

We got married on 14th September 2017 - oh my what a day! We are still pinching ourselves, it truly was the best day of our lives! Having been part of the Facebook group for LGW for over a year I had been anxiously reading all posts, reviews, looking at photos etc. and wondering how big our day would go in real life.

You were all so very helpful via email answering any questions we had, no matter how insignificant they may have seemed and you really put our minds at rest that you had everything under control. I can't count how many times I must have got in touch with you so thank you for that!

When we arrived in Malcesine and came to your office to meet with Sara at our welcome meeting it all of a sudden felt very real! Sara was so lovely, warm, friendly and welcoming. She took us to the florist, town hall, Bar Al Porto, La Pace and the castle. Despite the bad weather on the day the morning was lovely and in itself is a wonderful memory for us. I was very impressed at Sara's professionalism and I just knew that our day would run smoothly with her there to help. She even gave me her mobile number so I could whatsapp her any last minute questions in the last few days before the wedding after our meeting.

The day of the wedding - OMG as they say here in Essex! I dont feel like my vocabulary can stretch far enough to convey our feelings about how truly magical our wedding day was. The weather didn't seem too hopeful but it held out for us with only a few clouds and no rain. Sergio collected me and my Mum in the Tuk Tuk from our hotel right on time and our ride in it will never be forgotten! I felt like a princess! The ceremony was beautiful, the registrar was a lovely lady and everyone commented on how warm and personal it all was. Walking down the aisle to my husband was a dream come true in such a beautiful setting and the views from the top of the castle are breathtaking.

The afternoon ran so smoothly with Sara guiding us and all of our guests from the castle to the lakeside champagne toast, then to bar Al Porto, to our boat ride and finally to La Voglia Restaurant to our reception. Me and my husband dont normally like attention and although we were excited we were a bit apprehensive about the ride down from the castle in the Tuk Tuk - but we were smiling and laughing so much we actually felt like royalty with all the passers by cheering and clapping for us. Its a memory we will never forget!

La Voglia is so much more pleasing than I ever thought possible. Its a beautifully placed, set out and decorated restaurant that is perfect for wedding receptions. We had the carpaccio, salmon pasta, chicken stuffed with bacon and sliced pineapple for our wedding meal and our guests are still telling us that their mouths water at the thought of eating it again! Cristian and all of his staff were top quality and really made the day even more memorable with their manner and service. They decorated the restaurant better than i imagined with the few bits and pieces I had brought with me.

All of our friends and family cannot believe how amazing the day was and how beautiful Malcesine is. It is the best decision we have ever made to have gotten married at the Castle and we feel so lucky that we were able to do so and also that we were able to give our friends and family a day they too will cherish forever.

I really could go on forever, I cannot thank you all enough for how helpful, professional and calming you have all been over the past year and half since booking the wedding. I always thought I would be a 'bridezilla' but once the day arrived I really surprised myself, I was so calm and I enjoyed every single second of it. My cheeks are still aching from having a permanent smile on my face and I am still able to cry on cue every time I think of the day.

So thank you so so much, we will be sure to pop in next year when we are back in town!

From Mr & Mrs Austin xxx