Lake Garda Weddings

Thank you SO much for organising the most amazing day of our lives (it sounds cheesy but it genuinely was exactly that!).

Booking our wedding online, having never visited Malcesine, was a huge risk... but it never ever felt like one. People ask me how I found the location and castle and are shocked that it was never a place that either of us had been before. But our reasoning was that we wanted to go somewhere brand new so that it felt even more magical and special, and Malcesine did not fail to fulfil all of our dreams.

We arrived just a few days before the wedding and met Deborah who had been in regular contact with us via email before the day, finalising all our plans and options - so easy!! I really wanted a low maintenance but special wedding and at no time throughout the year's planning did I feel stressed or overwhelmed, it was all extremely stress-free and fun. Deborah took us to meet all of the suppliers including florist, lakeside reception (and Tuk Tuk driver), hairdresser and make-up artist (both lovely!), Christian from La Voglia and of course the castle (AMAZING!). All monies were settled up prior to the wedding which was nice and meant we didn't need to think about anything else and could just enjoy our day.

Deborah gave us her number and said to text or Whatsapp her if we had any questions before the day (which we didn't because everything was so well organised!) and gave us a note of where each of us had to be and at what time on the day. All I had to remember was that myself and bridesmaids had to be at the hairdressers for 7.15am on the morning of the wedding (11am wedding). The rest was taken care of. Deborah was around (but very subtly!!) all day up until after the meal when she checked in with us and then left. She would appear every now and then to move us onto the next part of the day and that was it. To be honest, she was so lovely and blended in perfectly with our lovely friends and family anyway, I wouldn't have minded if she'd stuck around. Everybody commented on how nice you were, Deborah, and seeing you the next day at the pool was great too. You're a natural with all the kids ;-)

Gwen is a fantastic photographer and you just need to look at all the Lake Garda Wedding Photos on the website to see this. She has a natural eye for photos, some good tips for looking natural (squeeze those bums!) and made getting photos taken fun (I'm not photogenic in the slightest). All of our guests commented on how 'on it' she was - nobody likes to hang around for hours getting photos taken and they didn't have to! They're all very excited to see the finished articles on the pen drive we were given. We had the 2 hour service which was fab!

La Voglia was amazing. Such a stunning location to travel to on the extended boat trip and the food was unbelievable. We were all stuffed!! We had the DJ in the evening and I don't think I left the dance floor all night (to the point I felt guilty that I didn't spend enough time with some of our guests who weren't dancers!!). The DJ was fabulous too, very intuitive as to what would go down well with the guests.

I'm so sad it is all over but we are definitely coming back to renew our vows in the future and will be coming to Malcesine to celebrate our first anniversary. In the meantime, I'm going to start attending Italian classes so that I can come and work with LGW ladies because you are all, honestly, so lovely (and I'd love your job!!!).

Thank you again.

Take Care

Mr & Mrs Breare xxx