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Gill & Neil

Gill & Neil – 29.05.22

I’m genuinely unsure where to start with the amazing team at Lake Garda Weddings as have so much to say but our experience from day 1 has been absolutely first class…..We first reached out to the team back in 2018 (which feels a lifetime ago!) and originally had a date scheduled for May 2020....due to the pandemic we unfortunately had to postpone and reschedule FOUR times but the incredible ladies were with us every step of the way and guided us through so perfectly despite it being such a stressful and unnerving time for everyone - they have been so dedicated and reassuring that our special day would go ahead eventually and we finally managed to have our wedding on 29th May this year and it was nothing short of PERFECT - all thanks to the incredible LG Weddings team.

Deborah - you have been with us every step of the way and your incredible expertise, kindness, genuine warmth and ability to make us feel like ours was the only wedding you were planning (despite having so many others and the pandemic to deal with!) is nothing short of amazing and we will be eternally grateful to you!!! Deborah wasn't just a wedding planner (of which she performed amazingly, taking care of every single detail), she was also became such a lovely friend to us and was there for moral support and was always the loveliest, calmest person to deal with - no question was too silly and it was so reassuring to have you there with us on the day, you were so brilliant with all of our guests and ensuring everything ran smoothly (despite a lot of rather merry people to deal with including the Bride & Groom!) and the extra efforts you went to to help make our day perfect are so appreciated. We really miss our emailing correspondence with you - you really are a very special and wonderful person and we know our wedding wouldn't have been nearly as magical without you!!!! ♥️

Gwen you've been utterly AMAZING!! Lake Garda is our special place and we knew instantly we wanted to get married there when we visited. We've been back a number of times over the years since we set our original date and have bumped into Gwen many times where she's taken the time to chat with us at length and answer any questions (usually over a wine!) that we had despite being incredibly busy and having so many other couples to deal with.

Gwen is such a talented photographer and is a total pro - she works so speedily and makes the whole wedding photography process feel fun - we're delighted with our pictures of the day and can't wait to get them printed! Gwen was so brilliant with all our guests and family - corralling them as they attempted to go wandering off for more drinks! Gwen was with us until the end and was such great fun (quite a few of our male guests took a shine to her! 😉). If you are questioning having Gwen do your photos on the day don't give it a second thought! She knows Malcesine, the light, weather conditions and how to get the best shots like the back of her hand, but not only that she really bring such good energy and makes it a really enjoyable experience so you don't ever feel awkward!! We also received our photos within a couple of days which I feel is unheard of, so impressive!

Annabel you have also been absolutely amazing and you are such a sweetheart - you have been on our journey with us throughout all of the many date changes and I'm sure at times have had to deal with our annoying emails but you have been nothing but constantly kind and incredible to us - we are so grateful to you too for all of your help!

Our videographer and (fellow Merseyside-er!) James was amazing and another lovely person to deal with and have with us on the day. James even joined us to share the heartache for the champions league final the night before our wedding with Liverpool sadly losing!

James is a total pro and very talented individual and has provided us with amazing memories due to his tireless efforts - again he was with us for the entire day and evening and was just excellent - again if you are questioning having a videographer we'd say look no further than James! James took the time to meet with us (several times in fact due to the date changes) over the years to chat over coffee and it was always an absolute pleasure to spend time with him - he really does go above and beyond to perfectly capture your special day, he’s the best!!

Christian the owner of La Voglia was genuinely incredible and his team were wonderful too.

The food was SO GOOD and we’re still receiving glowing comments now by our guests with the majority saying it's the best food they've had at a wedding EVER!!!

Completing the team Christian was another easy person to deal with, he was open and clear with everything we wanted for our day and a really nice guy on top of that. Christian helped us in every way possible, even wrapping up our leftover cake and pizza and storing it in the fridge for us to collect. We love attending his restaurant whenever we’re in Malcesine and now we have extra special memories to relive upon our return - La Voglia holds a very special place in our hearts!

There is a strong feeling that the whole team is heavily invested in making your special day an ultimate success and we genuinely can’t speak highly enough you all!!!! There really aren't the words to say how wonderful you all are and how grateful we are to each of you.

Having such absolute pros but also lovely and helpful people planning our day made the experience a very special one and without a doubt the BEST day of our entire lives.

Lake Garda Weddings if we could give you 100000000/10 we would! THANK YOU, a million times over! We'll be back to see you hopefully next year (armed with crumpets!!!)

All our love and best wishes,

Gill & Neil xxxx