Lake Garda Weddings

The whole team at lake garda weddings were truly amazing. They provided prompt emails, very clear instructions, put up with our endless questions and obtuseness, they were polite, professional, and above all else they were simply magical.

Since we’re from Scotland, the thought of getting married abroad was especially taxing. But Gwen, Sarah and Annabel, were so helpful and reassuring.
They knew what to do and when to do it, which is a good thing as I would have done it all late and ruined the wedding.
But they really did handle pretty much everything, we just had to tell them what we wanted and it was done, no issues at all

On the day, Sara kept us right through the beautifully organised and decorated ceremony, down to the pier for a champagne toast and then onto the cafe Del porto for a few drinks.
The ceremony was beautiful and memorable, won’t forget being read the civil marriage code in Italian while near the top of Malcesine castle, looking out over the water with the love of life. Sorry, I rambled a bit there but the beauty of Malcesine cannot be understated! And the unique experience of a wedding over there is breathtaking.

We opted for a boat journey to the Voglia ristorante, which is highly recommended! It is the perfect chance to take in the lake and mountains.

The restaurant staff were exemplar, they couldn’t be any more accommodating of us.
The food was the best food I have ever tried and not just at weddings! Prawn cocktail was not like any prawn cocktail you’ve ever had!
The beef truly was what you’d expect to find at any top end restaurant, which this clearly is!

The photography and videography was sublime!
Gwen truly is a master, but I was equally excellent and the perfect muse haha I am of course joking, she made me and my wife look fantastic in every photo because she truly knows what she is doing.

To wrap this up because I really could go on forever about how amazing lake garda weddings was, about how friendly everyone was and how perfect our wedding turned out to be but I won’t. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone. From the bottom of my heart, you made our wedding truly special.

We will see you all next year!

Thank you,

Irene and Daniel x