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Carla & Nathan - 2017

Firstly Nathan proposed on the 28th June 2015 in Malcesine and he actually wanted to propose at the castle but due to flight delays and train delays in Italy he couldn't so proposed at night on our balcony with the view of the lake and the castle. Nathan was adamant he wanted to get married in Malcesine so when he learned that 28th june 2017 was the only date available he said it was meant to be. 2 years engaged on the day.

We didn't fly out to meet LGW before the wedding but we were extremely impressed (and surprised) of how professional but down to earth the LGW ladies were at organising our wedding and answering all of our questions and always very helpful.

Annabel our planner on the day- what a lady she is excellent and it was such a pleasure to have her working her magic on the day- it ran effortlessly. All the way through our welcome meeting to collecting our photos. When we met Annabel it really felt like we had known her a lot longer than a few hours and she made you feel at ease and ran you through what was happening on the day. There were so many guests saying how good the day ran and how well thought out it wad and we told them it wasn't us it was all Annabel and the LGW team.

The bouquet, corsages and button holes were superb from the florist, we had a slightly different style than the traditional roses. We sent the florist a picture and then she worked her magic. Advice for future brides don't be put off by the cost of real flowers compared to artificial, you will be missing out in our opinion if you do.

The pianist was spot on and the music made the ceremony more personal and emotional, Nathan even had a tear in his eye. We totally recommended the piano option for all future bride and grooms, I could even hear the piano outside the castle.

Tuk tuk- got stuck in traffic and Nathan said he was concerned that I wasn't going to turn up as he could see Annabel and Elena looking out for me. What a way to arrive with the locals and tourists clapping my arrival.

Gwen- Wow what amazing photos they are superb and exactly what we imagined, there are a few 'poses' we forgot to ask Gwen to take of us. We had the 2 hour package but we really wish we had booked Gwen for the full day to capture the rest of our moments such as the lakeside toast boat ride and la voglia. She is a fantastic person and so easy to get a long with and talk to. We have had photographers in the past who have just been boring. She knows the castle and Malcesine so it would be a mistake not to book her even if it's just for the 2 hours. It's a real shame we don't have more photos taken by her.

The lakeside toast- Wow, travelling to the lakeside by Tuk Tuk and seeing the Prosecco and the impressive array of food in the glorious sunshine with the lake and mountain backdrop and a 'busker' playing the violin ❤❤. All our guests said it was fantastic and good timing as it was turning lunch time! For some it was their favourite part of the day sitting by the rocks in the sun and eating watching the world go by.

We moved onto Cafe al Porto for drinks waiting for our boat to arrive the staff here were fantastic and the majority of our guests were getting merry from the excellent cocktails most of my groomsmen relaxed now as most of their duties had finished. It was a great place we were reserved a place outside but had to be inside as a major storm was about to hit. To be honest the views are amazing here so we didn't mind at all. We would recommend here to anyone who wish to have a break before the boat ride.

Then the heavens opened and our boat trip was delayed and delayed and then with some help from Annabel we were able to get the shorter boat ride (it was too dangerous for the longer trip)

La Voglia- wow wow!

Firstly Christian what a kind chap. Always courteous and asking how we were and if we needed something, when we had an idea for something he would always go one better. For example it was Nathan's dad birthday on the day so we asked if we could have some candles or something in his chocolate volcano dessert, well he did better than that and called the bakery and made him an amazing cake. It looked fantastic and it was delicious the next day and a truly special moment with all of our guests taking a break from dancing and singing happy birthday. Even more so as Nathan's father almost didn't make the wedding having a heart attack just 6 weeks before the wedding.

The food- exceptional. A lot of guests mentioned it was the best wedding meal they have ever had in one of the most stunning venues (with thunder and lightning). All our guests with allergies and our vegan guests were well catered for and they approved which were a great worry and we are just so happy that all our fussy eaters tried something new. One guest even eats minced beef after that lasagne! I really can't say enough about the food. We will return.

Then the heavens opened!

Sail boats were capsizing and sinking, the road in front of La Voglia flooded within minutes water was pouring into the reception itself flooding a small section. Large areas of trees in Val di Sogno and Malcesine collapsed the castle was damaged and shut for a day or 2 for repairs, it was crazy. Christian and his team protected us and battened down the hatches. Our host at our hotel said a tornado hit!

The cake was one of the best we have tasted in a long time and it all went we didn't think people would still be hungry after 6 courses but i guess when a cake is that good you can't resist.

The DJ was a little late due to traffic of the storm but bless him he got his wellies out and set up his gear and the guests loved it and the songs he chose mixed in with our selection. He even took requests which was great. I (Nathan) really imagined a band at my wedding but Carla insisted she wanted people to dance the night away and what a great choice it was everyone loved it.

I can not think of superlatives to describe the whole experience but we definitely will return to Malcesine and if they can fit in to their busy schedule we will visit the LGW team. Maybe gown back up into our wedding attire and take those pictures we are missing! Past brides and grooms you're in for a treat.

Hope to see you soon, thank you for everything.

Nathan and Carla