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Tina & John - 2019

Lake Garda Weddings provided an exceptional service from the initial contact, assistance with the organisation and planning in the lead up to the wedding as well as ensuring everything went seamlessly and spectacularly on the wedding day itself. Annabel tirelessly endeavoured to ensure every request or query was accommodated for and with Lake Garda Weddings having such a long-standing and trustworthy relationship with the local suppliers and authorities everything went like clockwork. Gwen's photography expertise left us with wonderful memories of what was a magical day encapsulated by having taken place in some of the most inspiring and beautiful scenery in all of Europ

In summary, Lake Garda Weddings delivered exceptionally high levels of service and care, which were individually tailored to your specific wedding party needs and with their position of trust and respect within the community of Malcesine you can be sure that they will deliver all the ingredients required to make your wedding day memorable.