Lake Garda Weddings

I will start by apologising to LGW ladies for the delay in our review, we have only just recovered from what I can only describe as severe wedding blues!

Where do we start?!? Well I guess it’s by letting people know that these ladies really do a fantastic job! They are professional, attentive and really care! From start to finish they made what is such a stressful yet exciting event, easy and without them I don’t know how we would have pulled it all off.

I was one of the foolish brides that didn’t send my legal documents via courier, although I was advised by the LGW ladies, I panicked and sent it via Royal Mail and let me warn all future brides, Italy is a beautiful country but their postal service is not one to be relied upon! As I had sent these legal documents that are costly and a fundamental part of the wedding, as without them there would have been no wedding, it caused me such distress and I can’t stress enough to future brides to make sure you use a courier! After making this mistake, LGW ladies really helped me through! Eventually the paperwork made it to Italy, but not before an 8 week delay, lots of stress and tears!
Even with these set backs, LGW were always on hand to offer guidance and reassurance, which really helped!
Any questions or uncertainties, the LGW ladies are on hand to answer your questions and come up with suggestions.

From start to finish they really have made this so easy for us and we couldn’t be happier that we found them!

On the day of the wedding, Sara was our planner and all the guests have commented on what a great addition she was! Guests commented that previous weddings they have found guests unsure of what is next in the day, but Sara informed guests and they all knew exactly what was going on and where they all needed to be! Believe me, this really helps as when you have 40 people to try and organise, it’s not a task you want to do on your wedding day.

All of our guests have said they had the best day ever and that it was quite simply one of the best weddings they have been too. Me and Tom opted for a smaller and intimate wedding, with 40 of our closest friends and family and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Lake Garda, Malcesine is a beautiful place; the setting speaks for itself.
Everyone involved in our wedding, from the hairdresser, make up artists and staff La Voglia really made it a truly perfect day. From start to finish, it just got better and better!

I would also strongly reccomend the boat trip! It was such a lovely surprise for the guests and gave us all an opportunity to cool down with the lovely breeze it offered. We were so lucky to be blessed with beautiful weather, but in a wedding dress it was definitely needed.

I would strongly recommend LGW ladies, you will not regret it.
We have a wedding that we will continue to treasure for many years to come, as will our friends and family.

Thank you,

Danielle & Tom xx