Lake Garda Weddings

Whenever I review anything, I like to be completely honest, so here goes...

Having previously fallen in love with Lake Garda and deciding that we didn't want a huge wedding, we knew it would be the perfect place to get married.

Me being the independent (stubborn) one, I decided that I could plan all this myself whilst working full time, not speaking Italian and knowing very little about Garda.

So I started to research locations and found the LGW website. Within half an hour, I'd paid them a deposit to get married in a venue I'd never seen in real life before. Gone were the ideas of planning everything myself. I had decided that the service we would receive from LGW would be worth more than it's weight in gold. I was not disappointed.

From guiding us through the application process and giving step by step instructions for the necessary paperwork to dealing with local legalities, suppliers and restaurants, they were amazing every step of the way.

Everyone says their wedding was a special day and ours was truly magical, thanks mainly to LGW. Everything was so well organised. I felt completely in control yet I avoided all pressures and the worries I hear so many brides complain about.

If you're in 2 minds about your wedding venue and whether you'll use LGW if you choose Garda, let me help you...

Firstly, Lake Garda and Malcesine especially are beautiful. We could not have chosen a more spectacular backdrop to our wedding and the weather was just perfect.

Secondly, LGW make it all so easy. They know the hotels, the florists, the bakers, the string quartets, the restaurants, the bars, everyone. When you meet them you'll also find it so reassuring that everyone in Malcesine loves them and rightly so.

We cannot thank LGW enough for helping us with our day. Special thanks to Sara for being such an amazing wedding planner and all round lovely person and Gwen for her amazing photographs. From someone who hates having their photograph taken, it's very telling that one of my favourite photographs is one of me on my own (sorry Dave but you have to admit she made me look good).

So thank you LGW, from the bottom of our hearts. You made our day perfect and long may you continue to make peoples dreams come true.

Caroline and David Percy xxxx