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Emma & Neil - 2017

Hi Annabel and Gwen

Well where can I start, I cannot even begin to thank you enough for everything you did to make mine and Neil’s wedding day as special as it was! From the moment we met you Annabel on the Thursday you made us feel so calm and excited about it, and considering how nervous I was that was quite an achievement J.

Then when you arrived at my hotel room Gwen I started to feel a lot calmer, I loved having my photos taken and the new pose you have shown me will stay with me forever!

Every single one of my guests have said how amazing you both were and how beautiful the day was. It went so perfectly and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Even when it rained you just sorted it all out and it didn’t change the feel of the day at all!! The photos are amazing and because of your skills Gwen you wouldn’t even know it was raining!

I actually feel very emotional that it’s all over and that I no longer have anything to plan with you, no more emails back and forth makes me feel quite sad. But I promise you that we will be back, as its now our favourite place in the world, and when we are you will be getting a visit from us!

So all that’s left to say is from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for everything!!

Good luck with all future weddings, and I can honestly say I am so jealous of al the future brides, not only having their perfect days but having you guys to be there for them.

Lots of love

Emma and Neil – Mr and Mrs West xxxx