In the grounds of Torri del Benaco
Lake Garda Weddings

In the grounds of Torri del Benaco


A selection of photos from the wedding of Debra & Mark in Torri del Benaco,on the east coast of Lake Garda. This beautiful couple married in the castle of Torri del Bencaco before heading to the reception at the Gardesana, where they were also staying for their holiday. The photos were taken around the castle, the harbour and the village of Torri. Photos by Gwen Courtman

Debra and Mark had chosen to marry in the Lemon Groves of Torri Castle. The entrance through the boat room and over a small wooden bridge is a very unique way to arrive. In the lemon groves there is plenty of shade, which was a relief on one of the hottest days of the year.

After the ceremony the celebrant popped open a bottle of bubbly for the Bride and Groom.

The couple, after the wedding, took a short walk around the castle of Torri del Benaco for wedding photos, after which they joined the guests at the Hotel Gardesana for drinks and nibbles.

Location: Torri del Benaco Castle..