Couple in Love in Malcesine
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Couple in Love in Malcesine

Congratulations to Alice and Adam. Thanks for letting us be part of your special day.

We just loved this wedding, what an amazing couple. They live and work for the military in Italy and this military wedding was just so unique. With family and friends coming from Russia, USA and Italy it really was an international wedding.

The to the difficulty with the documents for a legal wedding, Adam and Alice chose to have a symbolic wedding, a priest and family friend officiated the wedding for them. It was a very unique ceremony.

Alice and Adam went around the wedding venue for the formal and romantic photos, WOW, can Alice work the camera, she was just AMAZING.

I will never forget the moment that they left the castle under a tunnel of military swords, just wonderful.

Upon arrival at the wedding reception, which was held at the Voglia restaurant, they made the most of the last daylight with some more photos with Gwen Courtman, the photographer.

They chose Lake Garda as they come here often and just fell in love with it.

Location: Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy.