Jay & Adam, just a hint of sun
Lake Garda Weddings

Jay & Adam, just a hint of sun

Congratulations to Jay and Adam who married in April 2019 In Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda. It was a simply perfect day for everyone involved. They were just a dream couple to work with. Jay was such a relaxed bride, nothing, not even the clouds in the sky worried her at all.

Jay and Adam stayed at the Hotel Castello on the lakeside in Malcesine which is where Jay got ready and the photo service started. The bridal suite was lovely and tidy which meant we could get lots of pictures inside the room also. We found a beautiful mirror with bevelled edges, our photographer had fun creating unique images in that.

There were plenty of pictures around Malcesine before going up to the terrace, against many of the colourful walls of the houses and in the tiny squares and under the trees casting shadows on the walls.

The wedding was held in Malcesine Castle on the terrace, and then after champagne and nibbles they treated the wedding party to a boat trip on Lake Garda , disembarking at an amazing wedding reception venue, La Voglia restaurant. Not only were they fun, lovely and very much in love, but they turned out to be great posers too, which helps for the photos.

After the wedding ceremony the couple went off for pictures around the castle. This picture of Jay & Adam was taken around the castle in Malcesine in the courtyard under the large trees.

Location: Malcesine.