Please enjoy a selection of photos from the wedding of Michela & James, married in Italy in May 2019.

The bride got ready the Hotel Laura Cristina in Malcesine, a very old fashioned hotel so we left the hotel quickly to get photos outside. The weather wasn't the best but we managed to keep try until after the wedding ceremony itself. The ceremony was held outside on the terrace of Malcesine Castle, and the group photos just nearby. After the wedding, unfortunately the heavens opened and it didn't stop raining all afternoon or evening. We made our way from the castle to the boat for a boat trip, (luckily it has a covered area too) to get to the restaurant. Our photographer, Gwen, suggested to the couple that it may be a nice idea to take some pictures the next day in the sun, they jumped at the chance. As they already had some beautiful photos in the castle, it was decided that the photo shoot the next day would be up the cable car on Monte Baldo, which is exactly what happened. Michela felt a bit overdressed in the cable car in a wedding dress, but secretly was loving all the attention. Once at the top the icy cold wind hit us all, it had actually snowed the previous day, something we just weren't prepared for temperature wise. Luckily Gwen had gone prepared, she had a large white fluffy blanket, wellington boots for both the bride and groom and even a bottle of Prosecco. The air was really thin but we got up to the top and got lots of tourists involved with the photos. They were holding the dress out of the mud to try and keep it clean and they also held the flash for us. We cracked up the prosecco and James has fun spraying it at the camera, it made for some fun photos. We even managed to get into the old cable car on the mountain for some photos too. The bride and groom, who previously said that they hated having photos taken, have confessed that they loved it and have asked to do it again next summer. So, we hope to see you again next summer, maybe not in the snow though. What great memories for everyone involved in the day.

Congratulations, we wish you a live of love and happiness. We hope you see you again soon. Pop in and say hi when you are over next time.

Lake Garda is one of europe's largest lakes and is Italy’s largest lake, and offers something for everyone, such as sailing, surfing, theme Parks, cable cars, boats and ferries, walking and is very popular for cycling and rock climbing. It is a great place to kick back and relax, or do the opposite and have an activity holiday.

Malcesine castle is a very popular venue for weddings from many country all over the world. Many British, Irish, Germans and Americans chose this as the venue of a lifetime. The views from the castle are breathtaking and make a great backdrop for the wedding pictures. It is possible to have a champagne toast in the castle after the ceremony, or by the lakeside, the choice is yours . Malcesine castle was once used as a prison, as a famous german poet, Goethe was once held prisoner as he was thought to be a spy. It is a pretty good place, if any, to be held prisoner.

Garda is known to be the birthplace of the violin and also to famous police and literary figures, Gabrielle d'Annunzio

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Photos by Gwen Courtman Gwen is an award winning photographer who trained with Jerry Ghionis and received her qualifications from the New York Photography Institute. Her passion is photography and looks forward to each wedding as if it was her own. She has a photo studio in Malcesine where she likes to practice her art in the off season and also does commercial work too.

Location: Lago di Garda, Malcesine.