We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the wedding of Haylee and Chris that took place in summer 2019 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy.

Photos by Gwen Courtman

Hayley in her Hotel Room on lake Garda.
Ravishing wedding on Lake Garda, Italy in Malcesine Castle.
Ravishing and colourful  wedding on Lake Garda
Sentimental weddings in beautiful Italian Castles.
Sentimental weddings in Italian Castles.
Sentimental and fun weddings in Malcesine
Don't let the rain stres, you will have a fun wedding.
The indoor room in Malcesine Castle, Hayley
Hayley and Chris in the indoor room in Malcesine
Chris got the wrong name! At least the bride was cool with it!
Laughing during the ceremony in Malcesine Castle.
Bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen.
Bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen, Italien.
Bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen, Malcesine.
Bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen, Torri del Benaco.
Engelsk bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen.
Engelsk bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen, Italien.
Engelsk bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen, Malcesine
Engelsk bryllupsfotograf ved Gardasøen Malcesine Castle