We really hope you enjoy looking through the photos from the wedding of Alice and Ada that took place in summer 2019 in Malcesine Castle on Lake Garda, Italy.

Photos by Gwen Courtman

Alice and Adam's wedding photos in Malcesine Castle.
Lake Garda Paddling photo
Showing some love on Lake Garda
American Bride in Italy.
Playing with the light, Alice and Adam
Walking down the aisle in Malcesine
Alice and her Dad
Lovely Bride in Malcesine
First dance in the rain
Photos with the turrets Malcesine Castle
Playing with the reflections on the wedding table.
Awesome weddings in Italy in Malcesine Castle
Shooting through Glass
Ravishing brides on Lake Garda, Italy. Symbolic wedding
Puddle Reflections at the Voglia Restaurant.
Walking in the rain
Playing with the dress
bride and the castle turrets in Malcesine
Fairytale wedding ceremony
Bridal reflections
Weddings in Malcesine Castle in northern Italy.
American Wedding at the Voglia Restaurant, Malcesine
Together in the rain.
Swirl that dress girl!
Weddings in uniform in italy
Such a beautiful aisle in Malcesine Castle
Elegant bride in Malcesine
Couple in Love in Malcesine
Jetty photos at the Voglia Restaurant
Wedding fun by the La Voglia restaurant
What a perfect view from Malcesine Castle
Walking in a castle in Italy.
Military wedding in Malcesine Castle the boys
Reflection of Alice
Change of clothes for the evening
Romantic water photos at the Voglia Restaurant
Pictures on the Rocks in Malcesine
American Wedding by the water in Malcesine
Military wedding with swords on Lake Garda
Groom lifting the bride
Love on Lake GAR
Beautiful Alice through the window
Bride ready to go and marry in malcesine castle.
Photos in the Jetty at the Voglia Restaurant.
Lake Side Toast
Beautiful Alice and Adam
Perfect wedding in Italy
Lost in the moment
Veil Blowing photos in Malcesine Castle.
Travelling the Italian way
Alice in the Hotel in Malcesine